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How many would possibly be interested if we offered sidecar operator training here in the area beginning in the spring of 2018. NOTE: This would not be affiliated with any other sidecar training group or organization .It would be using our own curriculum and to begin with would be a one day course. We would supply a sidecar outfit or you could use your own if it met our approval. It would include classroom sessions and also hands on operation. Cost of this is not determined at this time.
Open for comments. We are basically testing the waters for interest right now. etc


I think more training in more locations is a GREAT idea! Unfortunately, with my wife's mobility issues, PA is outside my range.

I'm in Pittsburgh and would definitely be interested in participating in the course.


I'm in central pa. Would be interested in course

Northeast Ohio here. I would be interested. Maintenance as part of the curriculum would also be of interest (or seperate class).

Just a quick reply to just say to stay tuned. More info later. Yes, to answer SteveADV we do plan to get into mainteneace,basic setup and theory etc..

I'm in Northeast Ohio here. I would definitely be interested.

I'm trying to find something close to Detroit. Sad that that would be the closest... sigh. I might be interested if I can swing it, but it's pretty far, I'm guessing the 8 hour range. Riding the touring bike down to learn on your rig is a decent option still, though. 🙂

To be clear: This wouldn't be an official, endorsement-ready, class, just a skills class for self-improvement. Correct? I have Hough's yellow book, and plan to be doing that curriculum on my own, too bad MSF doesn't recognize sidecars as relevant. (Boo! Hiss!) It would be great to have someone who knows something actually show me something, though.

Time to start making rally plans - any more info on SIDECAR OPERATOR TRAINING in PA. ?

Northeast oh. I would be interestef