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It's 4/3/15. Thanks to you, and to all, for the help. Appreciated. Took the car off the bike today, bikes going in for a full service. Still trying to find a cover for the hub on the cars wheel. I'm learning perserverance, like all of you folks. Thanks

Hey, Jake, are you still looking for a hub cover? I recently bought a nice Vetter Terraplane for my Voyager and it came with the original black plastic cover over the axle nut. Most of these original covers get bashed and shattered, so a lot of these sidecars run with no cover since their bearings are pretty well sealed. Ugly as sin, but not harmful. Well, I'm all for appearances so I made up an adapter ring to mount a three-point spinner. The spinner I used was from a set of four intended to be used on car wheels. They actually do spin onto the threads of a bolt-on adapter, but the adapter would make the spinner sit about another 2" out from the wheel, making it a prime target to be hit. I removed their adapter and made up my own adapter ring that bolts to the hub face and makes the spinner sit tight against the hub face. Under each "spoke" of the spinner is a set-screw, originally intended to bite into the adapter's threaded area to prevent backing off. These three set-screws now hold the spinner to my new adapter. They set into a groove that I machined into the adapter and they hold it really tight against the hub face.

Your wheel looks very similar to mine, and if you haven't found a suitable cover yet, I could make you up a spinner-cover set. You would have to give me some very accurate measurements from the bolt pattern on your hub face though. I also still have three of the four spinners from the set, so I can provide you with the whole assembly, ready to bolt on.

Here are pics of my original wheel with it's black plastic cover, then the wheel with the new spinner/cover, and a close-up of the repainted wheel with the spinner/cover. Personally I think they really gave the sidecar a big boost in appearance.

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