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Sidecar Logo SA


Just bought a rig with a one piece sidecar, top of car near rider has logo 'SA'
Anyone know the name of the maker of this car? Thanks.


"SA" might be Spirit of America but I've never seen a Spirit with any marks at all. How about a picture? You can attach pictures on this site.

Thanks for the note. I'll try to send the pics, at least one. The letters SA are on the top side, under the windshield. I'll also include a pic of the car. That may help.

Attached files

Looks like an early Friendship body.

Can you tell us more about the Kawasaki Vulcan. Is it the vn800?

Pre- 1989 California Sidecar FSI (Friendship I).


Thanks for the info. Bike is a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 800B, the classic. Seems there have been some changes to the bike, not sure how many. Bought it with the car from a guy in Oregon, who said he bought it from a Harley dealer near his home. Bike has 15K miles, seems to be in pretty good shape. Thanks again.

Thanks Lonnie. Appreciate the info. Question: The wheel hub is missing its cap. Any suggestions where I might find one? Jake

Post an ad here in Misc sidecar related Wanted. They haven't been around for a long time. Someone's got one.


2005 was the last year of the Vulcan 800's which ran for 10 years.
Great cruisers with plenty of torque for a tug. Not to many around set up this way though. I have a 1998 with a Velorex 562.

Lonnie came through with some parts needed and is a wealth of knowledge along with the rest of the guys here.
Hope to see you post often and if there's something we can help with the Vulcan also let us know.

This is an "American Spirit" sidecar body design originally made by Spirit of America. It has the stylized SA formed into the dash. The body was made from Marlex plastic. But your sidecar was probably one of the first that was made after California Sidecar purchased the SOA company in about 1974 as yours has the CSC trade mark 8 spoke mag wheel. This body mold was reworked and they use a torsion arm suspension, 8 spoke mag wheel and the body was made from fiberglass and they got rid of the SA in the dash.

Sidehack05 1999 H-D FLHR with Champion Legend Sidecar