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Sidecar lighting


my sidecar had a 3 foot amber light strip on the side .it had chrome ends. i havent found one and plan to put one on the next sidecar .anybody know who makes these ? after getting hit a few weeks ago i am leaning towards a little extra visibility

I have seen the strip lights, that you are talking about, but have no idea of where to get them now. A better option might be led strip lights, they come in amber and several other colors, use less electricty, run cooler, and last longer. Most of them mount by just sticking them on, and are avaiable from most of the motorcycle accesery outfits. A J&P Cycle catalog I have lists several. Good luck with it.

i think the lights were put on there many years ago and i dont see them anywhere. i will look at the JP catalog .the led lights are fine as long as they look right .

I've been considering the same thing as the thought of someone hitting my dog is the stuff of nightmares. After looking at several options I'm leaning toward Skene Photon Blasters flush-mounted on the right side. has a large listing of sidecar lights but no strip lights.

the strip lights gave my sidecar good visibility from the side...but it didnt help me from a tailgating kid. so i think a few of those extra stoplights may be in order.

living in NJ every car driver drives like they are possessed by the Jersey Devil . so am going to need a lot of lights LOL .

Try driving the Xway thru Atlanta, GA. where all the drivers fancy themselves to be stockcar racing drivers.

the bottom line is there is more of them than there is of us and they are stupid as hell. hopefully the extra lights will distract them long enuff for me to get away .

Try Ebay for the LED strips the are a lot cheaper than other places and they ccome with glue on the back. Get a choice of color and length 6" to 60".