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Sidecar License Plate 1933 $100.00

Virginia 1933 Sidecar License Plate.  Never used but some wear  - see picture.  Includes original envelope from VA DMV.  When have you senn another one.  Priced at $100.00 and I'll ship it.

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never saw one of those.  did any other states do that?


  I have one like that laying around someplace, got it years ago.

I was at a large swap meet a few years ago, cars , hot rods, trucks and bikes. There was a guy selling plates.

He had an Ohio sidecar plate from the early 1900's. only wanted $1400 for it.



I will take it.  Can I send via PayPal?  Are you in VA?  I am in Richmond.   

The plate will be mounted on my Dnepr sidecar.  

Stuart Ostroff