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Sidecar laws in NY State?

Hi Folks - I got this email from Tamar and I'm hoping some of our NY Members might know the answer. If you'd like to respond directly to her, the email is Thanks! Steve"I have a question that perhaps you can either answer directly or if not then perhaps direct me to a source that can. When I was a child my father drove a rig. My family always rode everywhere in it and I remember those days fondly. I would sit on my mother;s lap in the sidecar riding through the snow, bundled against the cold. We regularly went on road runs with my dad, we would ride up to Laconia every summer, and within NYC daily. Now my husband and I continue the tradition. We too have a sidecar. We also have a young child age 18 months. My husband is concerned that there may be a law on the books forbidding transporting a child this young in a sidecar.I have been looking forward to taking her out with us. My husband however believes the laws might have changed since the 1960s regarding the transporting of young children in sidecars and believes there may be laws on the books that would prevent us from doing this. Can you tell me if this is so and what if any laws now apply? Can we legally take our daughter out riding with us and if not then at what age? Do we need a special "car" seat or seat belt for her and where would we get one? Any help you can give on this matter would be most appreciated. We live in NYC.Thank you,Tamar Zucker-Dench

Shoot - I just read the post on sidecars and children to find that Tamar is way ahead of me! I plead brain fade after a 2nd 650 mile day on the solo bike - Steve

There is the problem, You were on your solo bike.
Going to make Yakima this year? Tara and I will be there of course. She will be on our K1200LT / Liberator and I will be on our Triumph Tiger / Ural. We may have one or two of our employee's there as well on what ever rig is ready to go.
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The Yakima event is an anual camp out Memorial day weekend at the Yakima WA KOA. This year marks the 27th year for the event, same weekend and location.

I will be there with bells on. We are dithering about who else is going, but I'm there and looking forward to it. ~Steve