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Sidecar identification Request


I've passed on a lot of hardware and for the 69 over the years, sometime kicking my self for it and you are stirring up interest again. I would be entertain the deal on the hack if you do opt for a different option.
Sure would like to bring my 69 EletraGlide hacked up to the national rally in SD and motoring around Colorado until the 2016 rally

I did offer it to a friend with a 1980 shovel, but if he doesn't want it you can PM me an offer.

80 shovel has a square'ish swing arm, but that should be easy hardware to find.


spat - 1/19/2015 11:26 PM 80 shovel has a square'ish swing arm, but that should be easy hardware to find.

With the correct rear two piece mounting block that mounts to the Square swing arm THAT rear mount on the sidecar frame will work.

The top mount looks to be missing the spring,washer, safety lock washer,nut and clip to secure the top "J" bar to the frame, you will also need to remove the tanks to install the top mount to the frame.

QUESTION, Your 5 th photo, the one showing the leaf spring going to the rear body mount it looks like the rear shackle has been bent towards the wheel side.

The other photo of the spring closest to the bike looks to be bowed sideways and some of the straps that secure the spring pack are stretched and loose.

Is there any indication of frame damage?

I don't see any damage anywhere. That inner spring does have two loose spring straps in the rear, maybe that has caused weakness and bowing. It wasn't on a bike when I found it in some pickers garage, and he also had no bike history on it. It appears to be straight and true and the body has no damage and seems original fiberglass and paint. I wonder what it was mounted on, it does have some work done on the rear mount area, but I cant figure out why. I greatly appreciate all of the expert advice everyone is giving me, I am not a sidecar expert. Thank you.

About time you were thinking about a hack on that Shovel again Spat. You and Cookie can both ride a hack to the Sturgis rally.

I found a part number on the frame (88-91118). Took a few more pics. My service dog always wants to jump on my gas tank, that is why I had an idea for a sidecar. I like old school stuff so I took this when I saw it. Maybe I need to find an old ratted out shovel to put this on; or sell it and get a new retro looking hack. The dog loves it.

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