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Sidecar identification Request


I am trying to post a couple of photos so someone can educate me on what year and model H-D sidecar I have picked up.

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Going by the mounts i see see its a pre 1982 post a pic of the rear mount and it will tell what bike it was on ,is the serial number still visible on the sidecar frame ?

I cannot find a serial number. Just two rivets on the frame where a plate was once located. I will send more pics. I spoke with DMC and this won't fit on my bike without fabrication. I plan on selling this and getting a new one like a liberty or something that will bolt on a 2012 streetglide. I have a service dog who would be riding in the car.

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most of the time the number is stamped on the frame along where the rivit is but in this case they used a tag .but this sidecar is for a shovelhead or a panhead harley .you can sell it and put the money towards a sidecar like a Liberty


I did find a number on the frame, but I don't know what it means and I cant read the first number.

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the first 2 numbers are years ,the last part is of the serial number is that it was # 1128 made that year .

just guessing i would say we can rule out 39 and 49 .so it could be a 1969

The tub and fender appear are correct for 1969, but if it was a 1969 the VIN should be 69LE1128, which it isn't. You have the bent swingarm mount, which was for '58-'72 Harleys. But the rear mount on the sidecar frame is wrong - it looks shorter than original, has a non-factory gusset underneath, and what looks like grinding marks all over it.

I think this is a CLE or later sidecar on which someone tried to recreate an LE rear mount for a round swingarm shovel or pan.

I don't know what year they changed the VIN format. I am betting the fender has the later, large plastic taillight rather than the smaller metal tail light with plastic lens that was last used in 1972.

it is a 6. So the number is 69-1128, I thought it would be newer with the fiberglass body, and with no damage to the body. Thanks.

It has an aftermarket tombstone on the fender, unfortunately. The wheel is an old star shaped bearing cap 16 inch spoker, drum brake.