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sidecar friendly tires


Hello, I ride a 93 Goldwing with a double California sidecar. The stock Goldwing tires sure don't last long. Anyone out there in sidecar land have experience with car tires on a Goldwing ? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for allowing me to tap into your collective experience.  Bob

Welcome Bob,  many of us have gone to the darkside using auto tires on our rigs. They last longer than MC tires and cost less. Many have put thousands of miles on their car tire rigs with no  issues.

The most complete site with all the information you need is:

Good luck selecting the tire you want. Mounting a car tire on the OEM 1500 Wing wheel is not that hard, but take it to a tire shop for a proper job.


The Austone Taxi Tire is the most common car tire for the 1500, I have been told.

I just had one mounted on the rear rim of my '98.

I have not placed it on the bike yet as I have to replace the Dampers first.

If pictures were not so hard to put on here I would show you what it looks like.

Tom [and anyone else],

Putting a picture on the forum is really pretty simple.  Just below the box you are typing in while making a post there is a area labeled "Upload Files" click on the box that says "Choose File" and it will take you to the drive on your computer, navigate to the picture you want to post from your computer and double click.  The constraints are simple, you can upload as many as five pictures to each post and the image size must be 1 megabyte or less.  We limit the size because some folks were up loading HUGE files and anything bigger than 72 dpi is wasted when you're just viewing it on screen.  After you've attached your pictures hit submit.  That is three steps fewer than the old forum.  If anyone needs help, send a message via the Contact Form under the Welcome tab.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

OK Al, I'll take a shot of the Austone this afternoon and try to upload it.

The problem will be "1 megabyte or less".



Quote from Big Tom on June 24, 2019, 12:13 pm

OK Al, I'll take a shot of the Austone this afternoon and try to upload it.

The problem will be "1 megabyte or less".



There are several image file size reducers available and some good ones don't cost anything. I'm wracking my brain trying to recall what the name of the one I use is but drawing a blank. I'm on the laptop in my shop and it's on my computer in the house. I'll look after while and edit this post. But a Google search will show you. My program has some age to it so it's possible there are better programs available. Makes it easy to reduce a large file size image to one that's easy to post and looks good here. Good luck!! OK.... back on the other computer. The program I use is VSO Image Resizer. It's free for personal use. Simple to use and works well.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Tom, I appreciate the effort.  If you have almost any sort of image editing software, most of them have an option in the "save menu" called something like "save for web".  That will usually do the trick.  Good luck and if I can help please ask.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I joined a picture hosting site to link back to when I want to post a picture. It works on every forum I belong to but this one.

Let me try a thumbnail of what came on the bike. Nope

Direct link might work.

OK that will work for now. Just have to click on it.

If you are on an Apple computer, you can use the included Preview app to resize a photo.  No need to buy or download a new app.

Bob, your Wing rear tire is a 160/80-16, the closest car tire in width is a 155, but that is a compact spare tire.

The next size is a 175/60-16, several brands and prices available in that size. It is 7% shorter and 9% wider than the OEM tire, but should work.  Dropping the rear will stiffen the steering slightly.

Several have reported having a problem finding the Austone Taxi tires. Universal Tire and Classic Tire carried them in the past.

I have used for finding  tires for my rigs.

Good luck with your search.