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Sidecar for my Service Dog

I'm a disabled veteran and I received my Service Dog in February. I have not been able to ride my 2007 Ultra Classic since I can't take him along. I decided to look into a sidecar but don't know anything about them. If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much. I live in middle GA.

We build many sidecars for dogs and even offer the floor to be padded and upholstered rather then having a seat. We developed a full convertible top for our Expedition specifically for a customer who has a service dog as the agency supplying the dog required it. All of our sidecars are made in the USA by us and come with proper bike specific NOT universal mounting hardware.
Sidecars we offer that would work well for your bike start at only $3995 for the Kenna or M72B, the most popular sidecars for your bike have been the M72C or the M72CX however in time I suspect that the Expedition and Tomahawk will prove to be more popular, we just have not been building these sidecars as long.
Jay G
DMC sidecars


This club is in your area of Georgia and they have other members in other states to, check them out they are a pretty active group and I would think can help you.

They have camp outs every month maybe you could make one of them to see the sidecars that are attached to other bikes.

Click on the link below

A real service dog would drive the rig while you ride in the sidecar.

If you watch the movie Sit Stay Ride on Vimeo [LINK ], you'll note that about half the rigs shown were built by DMC. I don't know how handy you are with a wrench, but most guys who can turn a wrench can install one of the DMC sidecar kits at home. Realize, though, that not all dogs were born to ride. Some take right to it, others don't. An excellent muffler to quiet the bike will improve your chances.

Another thought. If you don't know anybody with a sidecar outfit, most side car guys are a decent lot, even if they are selling their rig. You might contact one of the sellers on Craigslist [LINK ] just to see if you can go have a look. There's a couple of HD rigs for sale right now in Georgia.