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Sidecar for 2003 Ultra Classic

Looking for a sidecar for my 2003 Ultra Classic Firefighter Special Edition. A traditional look like a Harley TLE-Ultra or Hannigan Heritage.

Will be attending the National Rally to get ideas and see what is out there.

Very good to Excellent condition. Looking at $6,000 range.


See you all at Rising Sun!


Don, good luck. i'm in cabin lot 93 at USCA rally, feel free to stop by. I'm out of Dayton, Ohio. where are you. how far are you willing to travel to get your sidecar?


I sent you an email from this website, it should be in your inbox.

I'm from Elizabethtown Kentucky, about 45 minutes south of Louisville.

Don "Smokey" Reichert

Don, I can't move your post. It would look like my post. In your message you ask some good questions. I would just be giving you my ideas, ask everyone here and at the rally. like a parking brake, they are not required in the states. I have two rigs that have park brakes they will both be at national Rally in a few day June 14,15&16th. I don't use the park brake on them.

Our classic new is only $4995 with proper bike specific mounts. They look a lot like Harley's sidecars from the 1950's

Jay G
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