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Sidecar for 1999 Dyna Wideglide

I'm new to the sidecar game and was looking for some help. I'm in the market for a sidecar to mount on my 1999 Dyna Wideglide. I have found one but don't know anything about it or what it will take to mount it to my bike. Any information will be a big help. Thank

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You should take a look at the dmc sidecars web site and talk to Jay and look at the Freedom sidecars website and talk to Claude. I have seen that model sidecar before but I don't know anything about it.

This sidecar has been offered a few way's one if memory serves and frankly it has been almost 20 years since I have been asked this or looked in to it One was by Watsonian, I believe they called it the flight which is not the same as the sidecar they now offer as the flight. These bodies and also complete sidecars were also offered in adds in the back of magazines like popular mechanics in the 1950's and early 1960's and were called "universal" one version had three indents in the nose of the sidecar the other 2. About 20 years ago we came across several of these bodies that had never been mounted and I have seen these bodies on several home made frames. I suspect yours in the "universal" version and was sold as a complete sidecar. Obviously my  memory and knowledge on this sidecar is a bit sketchy, I hope some one else can fill in the details better. In any event, we with some better photo's and  some measurements should be able to figure out how to get this sidecar safely mounted to your bike.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


I concur with Jay's suggestions and I'll add... Bodies like this, or one that is visually identical, were produced in Minneapolis under the name International, as well as many other places and names.  I'm pretty sure that many of these were "splashed" off a Watsonian Flight, sometimes modified with extra scoops or added shapes including one that had a vertical fin not unlike some of the Gouldings.  In short, it's a good shape that goes well with a number of bikes BUT the key to whether or not it works for you is the frame and wheel suspension.  These bodies have been put on all sorts of frames and some of them are crap.  In any event, they aren't made currently and you'll get no manufacturer support.  IF you're confident in your abilities, you can make it work for yourself or you can pay a known fitter to mount it properly for you.  Where are you?  Maybe there's a good shop near you.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm in Casper Wyoming

I wish "Indiana" was a indication of where you live.  I really don't know of a general sidecar shop anywhere near you.  The closest is a Ural dealer in Spearfish, SD.

Can anyone chime in with the name of a rigger near Casper?

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Came across Redwolf Sidecars … anyone have any information on these, good, bad, or otherwise?

One more I found … what can anyone tell me about Cozy Sidecars?

Cozy sidecars are made in India and were designed for low to medium powered, lightweight motorcycles.  The sidecar shown appears to be a new model and maybe it's a step up.  It would be nice to see one.  The "Universal Mounting Kit" works sort of OK on some motorcycles but it is not really optimal.  The placement of the band clamps is critical because if they are placed wrong, they are likely to twist and the sidecar alignment will be lost.  IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR THESE TO WORK, you just need to have a good candidate bike and install properly.  Still, they are not best practice.

Do we have a user here that could go to Cyril, OK to check these out?  The issue is, Is this just another Cozy or is it really a heavier duty car?

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota