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Sidecar Electrical Hook Up Issue 

Finally got my HD Sidecar mounted on my bike.  2001 Road King with 2001 HD factory sidecar (TLE).  

Electrical issue is…

HD Sidecare wiring harness part# 70221-99 is unavailable, obsolete.

I did a dealer search for the part and searched on eBay, NO LUCK.

I think the part is like a “Y” splitter harness.  

Does anyone have advice or any ideas on where I go from here?  

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2001 is not CANBUS so it will be a lot easier .  You are going to need to make the harness.

Put a fuse between tub and tug. 

2001 wiring is pretty simple. For turn signals to work right you may need a load equalize.

Custom Dynamics may still offer and adapter for the Y . Many used them to add other lights.  Like adding tour pack ect.

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Thank you Smitty901 for the good advice. could call Lewis at Electrical Connection in Tennessee......

I just looked it up, and they have the Y connector you need.

Speak to Lewis, and only Lewis, as he is the owner, and theeeeee man when it comes to this stuff. Just tell him you have a 2001 Road King, and you are installing a H-D sidecar...he will understand.

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Flyingmonkeys  thank you so much for your help , will call Lewis ASAP

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Ok, I tried to find this harness no Go.

Will put it together myself , ordered connectors and terminals from Namz . $112.00 

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