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SOLD Sidecar DMC Enduro

SOLD What I believe to be a DMC Enduro Model. I bought this 11 years ago with the intent of assembling it to my motorcycle. If it didn't happen then, it isn't going to happen now or at anytime. I just lost interest. I bought this from a man who had it installed on his motorcycle. His engine blew and he lost further interest in sidecaring because of the cost to repair his motorcycle or a new motorcycle. I kept it covered with a bed sheet in a climate controlled garage all those years. It has Brembo brakes, gasoline can and a locking trunk. Judging from the brake pads, rotor and tire, it seems it had a low mileage life. Pictures attached. I am asking $2400. It is located in Columbia City IN 46725. Because of personal health concerns, I would be able to deliver only within 150 miles. Otherwise pickup, via personal or via transport company.

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 I'm interested in the sidecar for sale.  Please call or text me @ ph 812-325-9130 or email:

I'm in Bloomington IN


Hi Jaybee.  If Ty doesn't purchase it, please let me know via

Also, does it come with the mounting kit for the motorcycle?  If so, what motorcycle does it fit?

Thanks.  Best, Jim

HAS BEEN SOLD. Thank you to USCA for the ad and to Ty Osborne who purchased the sidecar. It was a very well built sidecar and much kudos to Jay at DMC.