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This morning we got an email from our internet host that the new platform to which they are moving WILL NOT SUPPORT OUR OLD WEBSITE. FURTHER, THE LIGHTS GO OUT ON JULY 31st!

We are shocked that they gave us only three days notice. We are scrambling to come up with an alternative but we don't have a plan as of this morning. We knew that our software was old and that we needed to make a change so we have been working toward a new platform but this caught us by surprise. is comprised of over 10,000 threads that hold more than 78,000 messages. We recently we through and eliminated any user that had not visited the site in the previous 36 months but that still leaves 3,306 active users. Moving all that is a huge task. We may need users to enroll again. Buckle up...this is going to be a rough ride.

We will keep you informed as well as we can.


Thanks for the warning. I hope the transition goes smoothly! These kinds of changes are never easy.

Good Luck to us all!

Looking forward to the new USCA software, whenever it's ready.

Hoping it goes smooth for you Al.

Having been through this before, let me suggest the most important thing is to keep the site online. You can get all of the tweaks working eventually, but trying to do it all at once and keeping it offline for days, compared to getting it back up with low functionality that can be fixed at night, in stages, the choice should be for members to bear with the problems but have access. Just my 2 cents, good luck and let me know if my measly assistance will help.

Here's hoping all goes well and wishing those who have hands in the gears and belts and pulleys that make this site run Good Luck and Best Wishes!! We'll see ya on the other side and hoping the world still looks a bit familiar....

Jeff_Online - 7/28/2018 7:41 AM

Having been through this before, let me suggest the most important thing is to keep the site online. You can get all of the tweaks working eventually....

Agree with Jeff!

Thank you for taking on this task...

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Best of luck. Keep us informed. If we start to scatter, maybe facebook might be a way to pull us together.

USCA has a facebook page. United Sidecar ect. if we go down join use there. or just join use for up dates.

The lights are still on, have we been given a reprieve?

No reprieve, the ax just hasn't fallen yet. Probably too many folks squealing to the new owners of the host.

Woo Hoo!! Welcome back! 

Thanks Al and all of the technical team that pulled it off.