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sidecar brake pads

I bought a used Champion Escort that must be older because the trunk lid lowers down. It is unknown as to what year it is. I am a brave soul who rides without a sidecar brake BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND OUT WHERE TO BUY THE PADS. Surely these pads are made for something else as well as this car. The pads ,which are still on it are thin as paper but make no noise probably because they can't reach the rotor. A Champion article online states that if the trunk lid opens down it is an earlier model. The VIN sticker on the frame is unreadable. I have used the car for quite a while and it does well and stops fine but I figure that the disk brake is on there for a reason.

Let's do the easy stuff first. Take a careful look at your caliper. It probably [not for sure, but probably] has a makers mark cast into it and if you're really lucky it might have a model number as well. If it does, just take that info to your motorcycle accessory dealer, DO NOT TELL THEM IT'S FOR A SIDECAR, and ask them for pads.

If that doesn't work, pull out one of the pads. Make a tracing of the outline and then go to this link...

Start looking for pads that are the same shape and size. The pictures of pads start on page 390. The EBC catalog is a great resource for finding odd brake pads. You can also look up the pads on their reference page to see what bike they fit. Chances are good you'll find a perfect match. Once you do, come back here and post the information because you probably aren't the only person that wants to know.

Good luck!

The most helpful people I've found are the folks at 1-800-805-2118. I had the same problem as you. I e-mailed them a pic of my old pad and gave them the dimensions. They sourced replacement pads in a matter of minutes and even offered me several choices.


Google "Brembo & 07BB1205" and look at images. Are these the pads that you are looking for?

Just got a set for my Daytona from Mark at Florida Sidecar Product...727 856 will have to ck your old ones to see if they have one hole or two holes for the shipping...good guy .

I have the same Escort you have and found that EBC FA115 pads are a direct replacement. If you google it you can find multiple sources for the pads. Note: some are organic pads, others are a blend of carbon graphite and Kevlar and not the best in wet conditions. What I would like to find is a replacement caliper, the one used is no longer manufactured.