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Sidecar Adventure Tour into Barrancas del Cobre - I'm Signed Up!

Over the years, I've had the honor of guiding overseas moto adventure tours with GlobeRiders, and as a solo bike and sidecar participant with GlobeRiders, MotoDiscovery and Edelweiss on five continents.

All are excellent international tour operators, but only GlobeRiders and MotoDiscovery ship motorcycles and sidecars, and after a hugely successful tour with a mixed pack of both URAL and BMW sidecars and a variety of adventure bikes, MotoDiscovery has stepped up to the plate and has announced a 10-day adventure tour in Mexico for 2023, to include the fabulous descent into Barrancas del Cobre (the Copper Canyon).

Both solo bikes and sidecars are welcome to join. I did the Barrancas del Cobre with MotoDiscovery years ago on my 2005 URAL Gear Up, and look forward to doing it again, with a longer itinerary, on an LBS GS+URAL adventure touring sidecar I built myself.

MotoDiscovery recently opened the tour for applications. As far as I know, we have at least three sidecars on the tour so far. Hope some of you join us!

Here is the link to the MotoDiscovery Sidecar Copper Canyon Adventure 2023 (FYI, the three sidecar couples signed up so far are on the March 2023 tour):

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I get itchy fingers from just reading this.

In 2013 I ran into a group of Globeriders in Alaska. That is real luxury with service truck , mechanics and hotel preparation. Just "a bit" too fast for my taste on the Ural. In January I have to return to Mexico for an installation, .... There fit much more tools into the tub then into the suitcase... Tempting, tempting, itchy itchy...


PS: all good, as long nobody gets again to the idea to blame diarea to coconut milk, because the pipas(coconuts) were "still green"!

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