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Shaft or Belt

I am looking at a M72B sidecar. I have 2 Yamaha's, a Vstar 1100 and a Roadstar 1600. I don't plan on a lot of long trips. Mostly around are little town trips. I am looking for input as to weather to use the VStar 1100 Shaft drive or the Roadstar 1600 belt drive. Any info would be a help.

Shaft will be no problem at all. Just replace gear oil in final drive sometimes. Belt will need more attention.
I like shaft.

It does not make that much of a difference and should not be why you chose which bike. You need to decide which bike you want to ride with the sidecar.
Jay G
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Either drive should last 50K miles or more. Negligible power loss from friction with shaft drive.


Thank you for your info. Decided to put one on both. One for my wife and one for me. Thank you again "RT"

Way to go.

I am jealous, such an answer from my wife would be a gift from heaven.

NO difference. I have a California I on my 2007 Yamaha Roadstar XVZ-1700. 🙂
The more power/torque the better.

No difference but size of bike does matter. I have a 2007 Yamaha Roadstar XVZ-1700 w/ a California I sidecar w/ electric trim. WORKS GREAT! My small dog loves it, my granddaughter loves it and my wife loves it. All different weights but the bike handles all well.
My prior ride was a 1984 Yamaha XVZ-1200 (running great and shaft drive!) w/ same sidecar and prior to that was my Hondasaki 750cc. (also running great w/ chain drive.) So? The chain drive was the most challenging. (sprocket and chain changes).

Hope this helps 🙂