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Seco Spalding sidecar

I am looking to purchase a sidecar rig for my 2012 Harley heritage and came across this one thru a friend of mine. Do any of you know anything about them and if they will work good with my bike. The sidecar is in really good shape and his asking price is $3300.00 after negotiating with him. I told him i would ask some of my sidecar friends, YOU, about it and let him know in a few days. I have already talked to Jay at DMC and he told me it would be no problem getting mounts to fit my bike, so now all i have to do is wait for some posts from all of you. Please respond quickly as i do not want to lose it if it is a good sidecar for my bike as good used sidecars are really hard to find.

I have no personal experience, but these prior posts may be helpful:

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You have a green light from Jay, and in one of the threads Lee posted is praise for Spalding from Lonnie (aka Hack'n - another much respected sidecar builder, recently passed, greatly missed). There isn't much more that can be added!

review by a Harley owner from 10 years ago who bought one new at the factory. He seems very happy.


I've got a '03 FXWD with a Spalding sidecar that I purchased from Lonnie a few years ago. If the one you've found is in good shape, I'd say it's well worth the asking price. Especially since Jay will help you with the mounting hardware. I've also got a Liberty mounted to my FLH. I love both.