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Scissor lift


I need a scissor 12volt lift for my sidecar seat. Can anyone help me out on a company that makes this kind of lift ?

We have made customs ones in the past, real pain to do, one options we used one time and is the least expensive way to go is we picked up a seat designed for use in a bath tub. It came with a built in batter pack and is water proof. We then modified the unit to lift a seat. Hannigan at one time offered a seat lift for some of their sidecars, you might check with them. We have no plans to make these again.
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Thanks Jay I'll check with Hannigan. Thats the sidecar I have.

I have a Hannigan seat lift for sale. I am asking $500.00 plus shipping. I had it in hannigan sidecar for my wife before she had her hip replaced. My email is

You might check with companies that sell electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Some of them have lifts. Maybe Pride mobility.

I have look into two 12V scissor jacks for about $140. So I will prefab my own lift. Thanks for all the help from you guys.

Jacks are not stable enough unless you build a slide system attached to the back of the seat to keep the seat stable while going up and down. The one I have was manufactured by Hannigan.

What about the mechanism from a tractor trailer or large dump truck seat. You might find an ugly seat with a good mechanism you can retrofit to your seat bottom.

How about an old ejection seat with a short tether? 😉


Hannigan still makes the lift seat. It is for specific models but can be modified. Have seen homemade ones that use a linear actuator.

Well I finished my scissor lift. I used two 12volt Black Bull scissor jacks, lawn tractor battery, and a battery tender for a total of $200.00