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Safety reminder

Even as experienced riders, and even though we know to be aware constantly, once in a while we have a lapse that could be bad. And preventable. If you can't see the driver of the semi in his mirror, he can't see you!

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Tom, thanks for posting that.

It's well worth everyone watching the video, as it would be hard to believe that Chris would have ran into the back of that 18 wheeler.

The facts are, and a witness watched the incident unfold, that Chris was stopped about 15 feet behind that 18 wheeler, at a stop sign, then suddenly the driver of the 18 wheeler started backing up, as he missed his turn to the right. 

It is correct, keep the driver of the truck in YOUR sight, which generally means he can see you too.

This was an odd accident, but things like this can happen...obviously. Thankfully Chris was not hurt, other than a couple bruises when he rolled off the bike and landed on the ground.

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