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safer whole sale, and now RT

Quote from CCjon on March 6, 2020, 8:59 am

Jay, thank you for keeping us up to date with the "Safe whole sale" evolving identities.

It's about time all the various sidecar manufacturer's, safety councils and USCA work together to promote sidecar safety. It hurts the image and reputation of all of us every time the unknowing public buys a poorly built or mis-matched rig.

+1 not to mention the real concern that someone could be seriously injured or worse due to this bad business practice


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Back in the late 1990's we did start up a sidecar industry council, the idea was to set standards and police the industry. I had only started my company on paper at that point as we had no products at all and were still working on importing our first container load of Sputnik sidecars from Russia. I was elected secretary / treasurer. The person elected president (now dead)  had different ideas as to what the council should be. He was using council funds to promote a sidecar gathering he held yearly. When I refused to pay the bills for "his" event he sent a letter out to everyone saying that he relived me of the position then stole all of the SIC funds. As no one knew who I was at the time he got away with it and for years companies were paying dues to the SIC and the only thing being done with these moneys was to line his pocket promoting his event. The other thing he did which I was opposed to was he wanted to make it such that any time an "expert" witness was needed due to law suite's was to have an SIC person be the expert so that we could "all band together" At the time he was proud that he had been sued some thing like 5 times and never lost. (you have to have assets to not have a law suit simply dropped) That was pretty much the demise of the SIC. In the end this is such a small industry and no one is getting rich as such not much extra money for some thing like the SIC. What I would really like to see is government regulations, this would eliminate most of the safety issues from these importers as well as several of the smaller companies building here in the USA where safety is "third"   I have seen some really scary stuff even from made in the USA companies. One company attaches their sidecars with 4 solid bars that they heat and bend to fit the sidecar leaving no possible way to ever adjust anything. Then these bars are attached to welded on tabs on the motorcycle. We had some one drive from several states away (while dress as "batman") to have us fix one of these sidecars as it had a constant pull due to one of the welded on tabs bending. The repair to do right would have cost more then he paid for the sidecar as there was little that was up to any modern manufacturing standard and I refused to "patch" up a fundamentally flawed sidecar as we do have a safety first policy, and yet this company is building sidecars to this day.

In the end BUYER BEWARE if some thing is far less money then it is from other companies, there usually is a reason why.

Jay G
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