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safer whole sale, and now RT

Thanks for posting that Jay. Too bad it is the "new" sidecarists who are the ones who get taken. They get burnt on sidecars before they even have a chance to learn what a great experience they are.

How can the USCA get the word out on selecting the proper sidecar for your bike? That would be an excellent and much needed public service the USCA could provide.


USCA Secretary

Yes it is tough enough to figure out what you want with out the damn scam artists messing every one up. I bet many first timers are really put off by this.

It looks like they have another name they are going by redwolf cycles, same sidecar from saferwhole sale just different badges

I agree with Jay most of the time.  Still, we should hear what Red Wolf has to say so I spoke with the guy who has started Red Wolf.  He said that he had been an employee at Inder before he came to the US [many years ago].  His claim is that although he admits that the sidecars are made by Inder, they are a different design, specifically, they are wider and they come with a heavier frame, they have superior mounting components and a 16" wheel [Inders come with a 19" wheel on their "motorcycle models"].  From what I've heard if they come with all the parts they'd be better that the product from Safer.  I'm in no position to have an opinion on this because I haven't actually seen the sidecars but if Inder is the manufacturer I'd be cautious.  Let's hope that he has the good sense to approach an appropriate market and NOT try to sell to owners of big bikes.

There are good, responsible suppliers out there for the mid to small size tug market.  Kevin Mahoney at Cycle Sidecar is a good example, and he supports the USCA and this website as an advertiser.  He states plainly on his site, "There are considerations such as power of the bike, size, weight of the bike and sidecar etc. A reputable manufacturer or dealer will advise you openly and honestly about what will work for your application".

I hope that the guy running Red Wolf is good at his word and this is an improved product but for the moment, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I suggest a review of outside reviews online

Kevin Mahoney Cozy Sidecar 623-512-0377

Just a bump back to the top. It gets old trying to help people that this company ripped off and sold products that if used as intended are some what less then "safe" assuming that they can even be attached.

We are always willing to try and help but more often then not we end up having to tell people that the small poorly built sidecar that they purchased has no business on a bike as large as what ever they are trying to put it on.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


I just found out once again that Safer Whole sales is advertising our sidecars for sale on their site  Again this is not the first time they have done this!

We have nothing to do with this company. Nor have we ever! All I can figure is that it is some kind of bait and switch that they are doing. or for some reason want to make us look bad. I have filed a complaint with the state of Illinois AG office ( oag2019-000074504 )

Our sidecars are not priced at the price they have them listed. And our sidecars are safe on larger bikes, they can do more then 55 mph and they come with proper bike specific NOT universal mounting hardware.


Jay G
DMC sidecars