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safer whole sale, and now RT

back up to the top because it is important. Dealing with a person again today that they screwed.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

I have to chime in here - I (Cozy sidecars) also have many customers who call when they can't make one of these fit much less safely. I am appalled at tales of missing parts, no customer service etc. Some of the mounts make me shudder. I feel terrible for these folks because most of them are first timers and didn't know any better. Many have given up and written their purchase off which gives all of us a black eye. There are several very reputable sidecar manufacturers/ suppliers in the US including Jay and others who work hard to sell good safe products. All the US suppliers prices are pretty good given your application and what you are looking for. I only wish some of these folks would check this forum before they make a terrible mistake.
Kevin M.
Cozy Sidecars USA

Kevin Mahoney Cozy Sidecar 623-512-0377

Kevin is one of the good guys in the industry.
I have worked with Kevin off and on for about 20 years.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Thanks for your comments Kevin and Jay. Kevin is right. These crooks make all of the legitimate sidecar builders look bad.

Keep up the good work you guys. We need you!!!!

I'm not a Facebook guy, but for the younger generation info posted on the USCA Facebook page might be more accessible than here. Maybe just a general warning about Safer Wholesale with a link to this thread?

By the way, where are people finding these sidecars? Where does Safer Wholesale advertise?

I really appreciate the people on this site, I joined the USCA because of them. I stumbled on here, but as Drone mentioned, I'm of the generation where I used to find BBS for my hobbies before there was a search engine or even an internet. I used to download things like some of your ideas on a 9600 bps modem. LOL If you don't know, say a 5 page description of what you are doing, would take about 20 minutes to download. To be viewed later, of course, you couldn't do two things on a computer, like download AND read it. hehe

I kind of miss those DOS days. You knew what was on your computer, what it was for and how it got there. Today who the hell knows what's going on. :o:-( I started with a 300 baud acoustic modem.

I had some one phone me today having just purchased a Divjot sidecar. I had never seen one. He tells me that they told him it would "fit" his Triumph Bonneville America and gave him no support when it would not. Then less then 10 minutes latter I had some one pull in with a Divjot sidecar mounted on his Softtail. He was quite creative with the "universal" mounting hardware that came with it. The lower rear was/is mounted to the swing arm. The lower front makes it so that the rear brake can not be fully engaged and the entire sidecars mounting system had slipped by the time he arrived. Overall these sidecars seem to be "ok" quality but the mounts are very low quality, the entire mounting system is very similar to what Velorex supplies. While the sidecar has a spot light built into the nose of the body there is absolutely no other lights nor are there even provisions for a brake. He told me that he had to have the wheel trued in order to make it even usable and that the tire did not hold air as the tube had been pinched at the factory. Overall opinion of the sidecar is that they are "ok" but like many of the other lower priced sidecars the mounts are junk. And of course I always advocate for a brake that for some reason the lower priced sidecars (and often the "lower" priced selling dealers) feel that brakes are not important. And like all of these other lower priced sidecars do not expect any product support from the seller.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

If the link to the video does not work go to my
facebook site ( Claude Stanley) ...There will be a picture of a red sidecar and a white
sidecar at the top of the page...Scroll down to April 3RD AND YOU CAN

April 3 ·
This 'sidecar' looks well worn. It actually has 400 miles on it and has had one failure already. The slag on the frame...oops welds . on the frame had some cracking. Sad very sad. I do need to interject here that even though all of us who build sidecar on a regular basis try very hard to create a structurally sound assembly it is still true that anything that a human creates or fabricates does have a chance of an issue. Face it, all the cars do not finish the Indy 500 every year even though the engineering that goes into them is great. So, we here at Freedom Sidecars have been said to possibly over build our stuff but that is fine and franly I sleep well at night.......okay.....Now...on the example shown The upper 'struts' consist of a heim end ( spherical rod end) at the bottom. Personally not a big fan of them anyhow for sidecar mounting even when they are used 'properly'. In this case the bolts seem to be 3/8" but the rod ends have a larger hole. According to the owner he was told this is fine because the bolts with the washer will hold it okay. BTW no instructions came with the 'sidecar' but some were sent after they were asked for. ....Okay the bolts that the heim ends are attached with are run through holes drilled through the small square tubing frame. Note that when this is done the proper practice would be to drill a hole large enough for a piece of small tubing to be run through the square tube and any bolt go down through that. The struts themselves appear to be a tractor supply item or something of that nature. The upper clevis' on the struts is the wrong side for the plate they connect to and if you look close you will see how the clevis is pulled together by the small bolt running through it to clamp it to the skiiny walled plates. The plates with the tab welded to them to 'hold ' the struts are too thin walled and, get this, they are mounted to the bike by drilling through the motorcycle frame!! If you look closely at the end of the video when we are wiggling the 'sidecar' you will see the plate portion on the so called frame mounts flex. Well Boys and girls you can only bend a paper clip so many times before it is just two pieces of wire and no longer clips paper. ............The suspension? Rubber torsion trailer axle. Yes we have done a few with this on them for sidecar traning outfits. Works great in a parking lot for a few miles a day. Will it do well over time on the roads with family and loved ones aboard? I have no idea but there is no way that we would consider taking a chance on it to keep overhead down and increase profit margins. Ain't happening and I will not debate it if anyone has used it call me wrong but don't call me wrong in an attempt to say that these rubber trailer , inexpensive setups are as good or better than what all of us are doing today. End of story.....I could go on with this and /or blow it off and just say " you get what you pay for".....but when peoples lives are in potential danger due to inferior built things such as we see here it is worth standing up for what is right. This sidecar will never be on the road again.. It might become a planter which should be a good conversation piece.

I had bought a cozy scooter-sidecar from a motorcycle dealer in Tulsa. He didn’t give it away, but I could see what needed done so I could fit it to my Triumph Bonneville SE, with 17” mag. Got rite of wheel and fender, torsion axel,reinforced the frame, made or had the mounts. I used the back top strut mount but it kept sliping( one pinch bolt). End up going to Tractor Supply and buying a top link for the 3 point hitch on a tractor, just figured they stand up to a lot roughy treement, cut the barrel added 4”, cut the Hemlic joint off booth end and added clevis on each end, ended up with a hand adjustable top link(left & and right thries and lock nut) $ free labor me.Rudy