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safer whole sale, and now RT

Looked at there website , too small for anything over a 250 cc but I would not put one on my Honda Helix !

back to the top as it is important, just dealing with another person today that they sold a sidecar to that can not be mounted with the hardware provided.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

As a recent member I've just been looking around at different sidecar sources. I ran across Safer on my own and immediately felt like it was not a company I wanted to do business with. Not sure why, except they only seemed to be an importer or? Thanks for reposting so now I know for sure.

back to the top as we keep running into people that these companies have taken. Latest was to go on a Burgman 650.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

The site that does the BMWMOA classified has quit running the adds for this outfit at my insistence. They were just taking motorcycle related stuff off Ebay and these junky sidecars were showing up there. It took a couple of weeks but I got them to listen.

When reading and considering the post from NCDave wherein he acquired a sidecar from Safer Wholesale and installed in on a 1600 Nomad, please take a moment to go back and look at post #90225. Dave I'm sorry but I can't just let folks even consider doing what you did.

Dave admitted that he had to do a lot of modifications to make his purchase work. That is to his credit. He also reminded folks that he bought a very cheap sidecar and that he is admittedly stubborn. Dave pointed out that the was told that his sidecar was a "one-off" design with heavier tubing than the standard wimpy Inder. He might have also reminded you that he was told that by the guy trying to sell him the sidecar, the same guy that said it would fit ANY motorcycle. Dave also mentioned that he couldn't use the universal mounts that came with the bike and in the end, he had to do some welding. He mentioned that by the time he is done he will have invested about $3,000 but he didn't remind folks that for that sort of money a person could find a nice used hack that was actually suited to a big big like his Nomad.

At the end of the day, no matter how much money he puts into it, Dave's Nomad/Safer rig will NEVER be safe. The car is WAY TOO LIGHT for the Nomad and if you put enough ballast into the car to make it weigh enough, the frame wouldn't take it. I don't believe that the sidecar frame will take the stress put on it by the Nomad in time.

Dave, we appreciate your enthusiasm and the fact that in four short months you have become a regular poster here. I encourage you to continue but please, anyone who reads this should know that what Dave did is a TERRIBLE IDEA. I know that I am not the ultimate authority on what makes a good sidecar rig but ask anyone who is in the business, any experienced sidecar rigger or even an experienced driver [aside from the guys at Safer] for their view on this and I'm confident that they would agree. The sidecars from Safer were designed to be used on very small bikes and even then, they were built for the bottom of the market in a third world country. If you are driving a 70cc scooter and never exceed 25mph, the Safer is the car for you.

At the end of the day, you should know that I'm not attacking Dave, I'm just fed up with what Safer is doing to our sport. Every sale that they make is adding another unhappy first time sidecarist to the world. Those folks might believe that all sidecars are as poorly constructed, difficult to mount and unsafe as the junk that Safer is pushing. If they do, we will have lost a potential sidecar friend. Of course, that's just my opinion, you'll hear others.

Seems to me the best use for a Safer (what a misnomer!!) would be to mount it to a rusty old motorcycle or frame, fill it with potting soil and make yard art in a flower bed.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I think yard art needs a more classic Hack, Tom.


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For some reason I can't see your photos and when I click the links I get a message saying the site isn't working. At any rate, I tried to buy a classic sidecar just for the purpose of yard art at the swap meet back in October. The owner was way too proud of it for my purposes...

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Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom


What was he asking for the body? looks like a servi-car frame in the front of the picture where was the swap meet at?