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safer whole sale, and now RT

I purchased an Inder sidecar. I ordered it with a brake. They sent a backing plate for a motorcycle FRONT wheel (no place to attach a stay rod) and a wheel with NO brake drum. The paint was pretty but painted over rust. The swing arm bearing was frozen and the welding was done without the use of a square as there was no such thing as a 90 degree weld. After locating the proper wheel, proper bearing for the swing arm and a lot of custom fabrication, I have a functional decent looking sidecar. Would I recommend Inder? NO WAY!

I wanted to bump this back to the top of the list. Today I have had two calls about sidecars from Saferwhole sale, one the person was told that it would work for sure on his Triumph Rocket 3 and the other was told it would fit his Valkyrie. This sidecar on either bike would be suicidal and yet they not only insist that it is the right sidecar for the bikes, they even insist that the "universal" type mounts would work. Ok, the Valkyrie does have a tube frame and they do provide frame clamps however the tubing is larger then the clamps and on the Rocket 3 there is no lower frame. For any one not familiar with these two bike, they are both quite large, the Rocket 3 is a three cylinder 2300cc bike and the Valkyrie is a 1520cc six cylinder bike! These are not bikes that a sidecar for a single cylinder bike or scooter should ever be mounted to.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

As I understand it, Inder is the domestic (and cheaper) sidecar made by the same folks who make Cozy, Cozy is geared for the western market. Regardless, either one a big bike is nuts!
About safer wholesale, run away. If you know me and see what I ride then notice I am agreeing with Jay, that should tell you all you need to know.

take a look:

I ran a couple of Inder's on Avanell's 650 Burgman. She rids aggressivly and shook the bodies apart. I odered them from Inder until Homelnd security got involved. They are definately not made for large machines. Just right or Burgman.
Tex. rep

In looking at their site online, i came across a statement that the car was not for use at speeds above 55 mph. That should be a dead giveaway as to their quality.

I received a phone call from Mary at Motorvation. Someone had ordered one of these sidecars and wanted Gary at Motorvation to install it. The couple who ordered the car were obviously seduced by the low price and the advertised statement the sidecar would fit anything. They had a large cruiser - I don't remember which one. The folks at Motorvation were very unhappy with the whole situation and wanted me to see what I could do. My only solution is to try to warn people about Safer Wholesale. If you Google their website you will find that they sell anything and everything - not just poorly built sidecars that are supposed to fit any bike. Sleaze incorporated. Keep spreading the word guys. We need to shut this outfit down.

Be WARNED! Safer Sidecars, Safer Wholesale is now doing business under the name RT Sidecars from a new website, These guys are putting out an dangerous product in that they claim it fits ALL motorcycles. They also claim that it is made in America, which I doubt. Do not fall for the low prices. They are selling a vastly inferior product on a par with the cheapest Chinese and Indian made sidecars. If you have a very small bike or a scooter with less than 100cc and want sidecar to carry groceries they might be alright but the mounts aren't. Even if you buy one of these as a grocery cart, buy mounts from a reputable dealer. Better yet, AVOID THESE GUYS LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Thanks for the warning Al. These guys never quit and haven't learned anything except how to dupe the public. Lies and deception are accompanied by an inferior product. JUST DON"T BUY THESE SIDECARS!!!

if the price seems too good to be true IT IS. Would you go to a doctor who charged a very low fee? Remember its your life on the line with both.


dawg gone - 6/24/2016 2:48 PM

if the price seems too good to be true IT IS. Would you go to a doctor who charged a very low fee? Remember its your life on the line with both.


DAMN! You mean my two-fer coupons for apendectamies probably aren't worth much? But, I had my appointment for this Sunday, and he said he would pull the mobile O.R. into my driveway!