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safer whole sale, and now RT

We just got an Inder sidecar in that was purchased for a Enfield and advertised as "fitting Enfield" it first went to another shop who found the wheel bearings seized up and a missing shock. They gave up trying to get safer whole sale to take care of the missing shock, they then spent over 10 hours trying to figure out how the mounts which "fit Enfield" could possible work before they gave up and we ended up with it. The first thing I did was phone safer whole sale to get a shock. I was told that I had to speak with the parts department and that they were closed (they advertise open 24/7) I phoned today and was transferred to parts, after waiting 10 minutes with out any one acknowledging I was on hold I gave up and phoned back and was told by Dan who claims to be the manager that I could not speak with the owner, that it was owned by a group of investors (it is not) and as such he was the only person I could speak with. He told me that I would have to hold for parts and that the wait would be about 30 minutes, it was. I then spoke with Jerry in parts who told me that I was wrong and that it does not use a shock to which I told him that no, this is not a Cozy which has a torsion bar suspension but rather an Inder (there adds show a photo of a Cozy which is what my customer should have received, the bodies look the same.) I was then told to send them a photo, that they would send it to India to see about getting parts as they do not stock parts. This coming from the "parts department" as an importer they have a legal obligation to stock parts. I asked again to speak with some one in charge as this was not an acceptable answer, my customer at this point had been trying to resolve this for 9 months! They put me back on hold, I gave up after another 10 minutes, it being a total waste of time.

I also had some one not long ago order one of these sidecars for his BMW R100 again advertised as "fitting BMW" his sidecar was actually a scooter sidecar and it came with out a wheel, they told him to phone a sidecar shop and order a sidecar wheel as they are all the same.

I decided to file a complaint with the BBB which I did but what I found is that they have a rating of "F" with almost 200 complaints (safer whole sales parent company is Great Sports located at 2108 McDough st Joliet IL 60436) of which over 100 went with out answer. The state of IL is also suing on behalf of its citizens and wants their business license revoked and damages for its citizens. The most common complaint is that some thing was ordered and paid with either a debit card or a check. It never arrived and when they finally get through to the company are offered store credit, if they insist on their money back they are told it can take up to 60 days to cut a check and when the check never arrives the company will not speak to them or answer their emails.

Here is a link to the BBB on this company
In short stay away from this company!!!!

Jay G
DMC sidecars

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John Holbrook
Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

We also recently had a similar experience at Northwest Sidecars where a handicapped client was going to have us install a 562C Velorex on his 2002 Sportster. He later called and said he had purchased a URAL sidecar with all of the mounts for a Sportster for less than a Velorex and would I still install it for him. I told him he didn't have to buy his sidecar from me in order to have us install it.
He said he got it from a company in Ontario. I don't know if it was Ontario, CA, Ontario, OR, or Ontario, Canada. After a few months he called and said the sidecar was finally delivered, on the curbside in Boise, and would we pick it up as he had no way to do it. We agreed and when we got there it was in a crate marked from India. The owner followed us back to the shop where we opened the crate and found the car was a complete Inder with 3 unusual shaped pieces of metal that I assumed were supposed to be mounts, although they fit nothing on the sidecar.
The owner was very disappointed with the quality of the car, to say the least, but found he was stuck with it.
He finally decided to have us install it and we did so with all fabricated mounts. He was ultimately satisfied with the completed rig, but the end cost was quite a bit more than if he would have gone with the original Velorex deal and he got quite a bit less for his money.

It pays to do a bit of research before buying a pig in a poke.


Here's the end result.

Attached files

I see these sidecars on fleabay all the time. My favorite ad is the line of sidcars sitting on saw horses or picnic tables under some canopy and they are all in primer. I think many of them are from some outfit in Lousiana.

The only way to deal with people like this is with a visit from the Tartaglia brothers.


There is a company in the USA selling sidecars through Safer Whole sale, I see these sidecars on craigs list from people who purchased the sidecars and found that they poor quality and can not be installed with the provided hardware. I handed photo's their sidecars mounted, around to my employee's to see how many "Wrong" things they could find in the photo. Improper wheel lead (in one case behind the rear wheel of the bike) in another case the lower rear mounts was attached to the swing arm.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

That's the stuff that gives sidecars a bad name. I don't know who the Tartaglia brothers are but if they use the hands on technique for communication, good on-em.

Jay, thanks for the info on this. I'd seen their ads before and thought something seemed a bit off, now my suspicions are confirmed. Many thanks to you for taking the bull by the horns and investigating these idiots.

Hack'n - 5/14/2015 4:13 PM

He said he got it from a company in Ontario. I don't know if it was Ontario, CA, Ontario, OR, or Ontario, Canada.

I'm in Ontario, Canada, and don't know of any company here that sells discount sidecars. He may have purchased it from one of the other Royal Enfield dealers here, though, as some of them had ordered in the Inder sidecars from our RE distributor. We prefer to use the Cozy sidecars and get ours through Sportmax, the Canadian distributor out on the west coast.

I've dealt with Kevin of SportMax in the past. We had a good working relationship until "Homeland Security" raised it's ugly head and we could no longer suffer the delays, nor expense, of their impounding our foreign sidecar shipments for up to 2 months for fear of Terrorism.
(Chicken Little syndrome).


Go to the safer wholesale site and look at the sidecar section. Call them. They will probably transfer you to a guy named Jim. Ask about sidecars. Ask where they are made. Ask if the mounting is bike specific. Ask if they have one for a GL1800 or a ZX1400 Ninja or a Harley. The answers will be amazing. . Thanks for posting JAY you are dead on!!!!

I had huge issues with my Inder sidecar, including the wheel bearings, shoddy paint, dented, and a bowed floorboard. I bought it from an outfit in Louisiana, and they refunded me all of my money after I sent it back. Overall a positive experience with the seller, but not the sidecar.
I have since bought a bike with a California Eagle sidecar attached, and that chair is made really well (except for the mounting bracketry) for a 30+ year-old sidecar.