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Royal Enfield w/Cozy sidecar

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Marty configured the hardware for the Cozy distributor in N. America and makes some of the fittings for the Interceptor.   He says the rig will hit 85 mph.     I have no intention of riding at those speeds.  I prefer rural highways and even stay off the freeway if I can in the car.       I have never understood the need to go faster than the speed limit on a bike.   You miss so much,  you might as well ride in a cage.


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I sure like the buggy top for the dog.

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My '79XLS (Stage 2 S&S Stroker motor) is doing 3K rpm @ 50 mph in 3rd, which would be 100 mph @ 6K rpm, but I sure wouldn't expect it to hold that speed for any length of time. Also I would be terrified to take it to 100 mph. Perhaps top speed isn't the right question, since top speed is not cruising speed, but some %age of it. You need that reserve between cruise and top. The question does not include engine size of the bike, which would make a lot of difference.

I have a reworked cozy.  I’m telling what I would do. Buy a frame Jay the in Wa. Attach it to your box ,get you a after market fender.  Then you will have strong sidecar.  I was the guy that had the cozy with a black SE Triumph connected to it.  It really Handel good.  But I modified the frame on the sidecar a lot.Rudyr

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