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Rotohak is for sale

Rotohak, the Mazda RX7 powered BMW rig is for sale.  Powered by a 325 HP twin turbo Mazda rotary motor in the trunk of the sidecar, this may be the fastest street legal sidecar rig around.  The power gets to both back wheels through a VW automatic transmission so you have reverse.  It is stable enough at highway speeds to ride with one hand but when you hit the throttle and both turbos kick in you better be holding on.  It was featured twice in Rider Magazine and in numerous sidecar publications in the 90s and early 2000s.  $15,000


Or call if you want to chat - 650-773-2555


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VERY impressive build... amazing the engineering, design and build  that went into this machine.


Have never seen it before so have a unknowing question: What does the boxer engine do now? Ballast? or...

Quite a machine! Do you go to a Mazda dealer for service? Can you post pics of steering linkage?

The BMW looks like a 2002 1150RT, what year was rig built? What is overall width? Miles on engine?


I too would like to see more info. on this machine. It looks like a thrill to ride and quite the engineering feat. I am curious about all aspects as I had never seen it before either. If I hadn't just purchased my rig in May, I could have been seriously interested in it.

mike bowlin