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rookie questions

still in the process of gatering basic info. Driving a 2004 kawa 1500 nomad Required accessories? stearing damper? , seperate brake system for rig? How comfortable is the ride in the car/ I'm thinking longer trips as well as around town, ease or difficulty entering or exit the rig . Located here in Tallahassee Fla, Looking for local club members .Any help and or suggestions appreciated. Stickwelder aka Jon Wohlrab ph 850 294 6049 THANKS

Theses type of discussions should probably be in the 'general discussion' section of this site to be seen quicker. If you repost there someone with a bike like yours may jump right in.
Most bikes can be adapted to sidecar usage with little to no modifications at that time. From there add ons can be done to make for a better rig overall. As far a how th eride in in a sidecar? Most will say it it very good . My wife, who has logged many many miles on the back of a solo bike, can hardly ever be coaxed into riding on a solo machine any more.