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RON DEE VOO II Report and thanks to the USCA!

First off I want to thank the United Sidecar Association, the premier sidecar club in this country, for their support in helping to make the second annual ISOK Sidecar RON DEE VOO possible. It is heartwarming to see sidecarists from all areas of the sport we love come together for the bettertment of all sidecarists everywhere. Hats off to the USCA!
Yes,RDV II is history although the memories of the good times we
had will be rehashed many times over. I cannot express properly the
thank you to all who helped out at this event to make it possible.
There was much help behind the scenes and in the open. All of those
who attended were a huge help for without you there would have been
no RDV II.
Special thanks to Jim and Krissy, Harriet and crew,'B',Luz and
Arthur Cohen,Fly,John Kennedy, Marlin Foura,Harry Tarzian, Ron
Smith, The Barnes, The Atkins, Tony Graybill,Fran,Jeanie,Rich
Maund,Sgt.Brown,Lee Palmer,Tim K. and of course all who joined us at
the event. Please , please forgive me for any names I may have
missed above , my head is still in a fog.
Extra special thanks to alll of our sponsOrs! I will post emails
etc. for them soon.
Extra Extra special thanks to the Union County Sportsman Club of
their work in providing the Saturday meals,and a very special
facility for us to enjoy. I will post the addrerss of the club later
on and ask any of you that can to drop them a line expressing your
thank you's. Without them this event would not have been what it was.
I have read some of the posts and ,yes, we will for sure have name
tags for RDVIII. We have also met briefly with the sportsman club
and, next year, there are plans for breakfast to be availble at the
club on Friday. This will be confirmed later on.
Next year the serving of the Thursday and Friday meals will be more
The, now famous,RDV Rooster will be discussed at our next meeting
with the club on Wednesday. If that bird lives until 2006 maybe we
can at least supply ear plugs in the rally packets
Next year we also want to have a check mark on the sign up sheets to see how many are ,indeed, USCA members. The USCA is focused on supporting you, the sidecarist, so think on joining if you are not a member as it will help them to do this.
Congratulation to Chris Dodson for becoming thefirst ever
recepient of the Annual Hal Kendall 'Excellence in Sidecaring Award'. It
was an emotional moment for Chris and for many of us that know what
Chris has done over the years. The decision was difficult for this
first ever presentation of this award but the concensus was
Total attendance at RDVII was two hundred and eleven (211) with 85
different rigs coming out.

The most prevalent sidecar (due much to all of the URAL rigs
there ) was the URAL
Second place was a tie between California Sidecar and Hannigan
Third was Velorex followed closely by Harley Davidson.
Fourth was a toss up between Motorvation and Terraplane
Fifth was tied between Dnper,Sputnick,EML,Homemade, Watsonian,Steib
and Champion.
Sixth was a tie between Saluki,Armec,Liberty,Texas Sidecar and

The most prevalent Tug pulling a sidecar was Honda followed closely
by BMW. Then it was Ural and Harley Davidson followed by Suzuki,
Yamaha and Kawasaki.

There were twenty two persons signed up for the sidecar operation

Al in all I trust everyone had a good time. With your help,
suggestions and support we can all work together to make RDV III
even bigger and better.Remember this is YOUR rally.

Keep on the lookout for details related to RDVIII 🙂