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Roadside assistance


Don't think I have seen this in any of the threads, so here goes:
What, if any, are you using for roadside assistance in case of breakdowns? I am pretty sure AAA does not handle motorcycles, I think Good Sam club does, not sure of any others.
I tend to travel alone a lot, and generally far from home, so this is always in the back of my mind, what if?

The tools in the sidecar.

Double check AAA - recreational.

I have AAA extended roadside coverage that covers any bike I'm riding.


I have AAA extended roadside coverage that covers any bike I'm riding.


CAA up here in The Great White North. I have the Premium membership, which entitles me to flatbed towing equipment if needed.

A short war story about this topic:

Last month I was riding in a nearby state and I blew out my pusher tire. I took off my wheel and put in a brand new inner tube, but it leaked too. Luckily my brother was with me and he had "AAA RV Plus", so they had to help us. However, no flatbed company working for AAA would accept to handle the call due to the fact it was a rig (did not want to handle the risk)! AAA then went all out as much as possible and called around until they would find someone willing to flatbed my rig to my home about 20 miles away. I worked out a deal and later my brother submitted a reimbursement form for the tow (don't know if it was approved yet).

The good thing was the wrecker/flatbed operator charged me a fair price (considering it was a weekend and it turn out to be late night) and he said that because it was a rig, it was super easy and didn't understand why the other operators refused the call. The down-side was that the event ate up about 6 1/2 hours of my night trying to find a flatbed willing to tow, and also for them to find time between police call outs to come and help me.

I have an AMA Membership (21 years) that is set up with automatic renewal so their AMA Roadside Assistance is free. I've used it a couple of times, not for the motorcycles but once for the RV and once for my car. Never got a bill and I'll never be without it now.

What Joyce said.

Six or seven years ago I lost my clutch on MLK Way headed for Rainier Ave to visit Pete and Patty at Liberty Sidecars after spending some time at my daughter's place. I called Pete, who recommended a reputable tow. I had Archie with me and was towing my little cargo trailer. After some discussion because the driver didn't want Archie in his cab, he relented and loaded my whole outfit and took us approximately three miles to Downtown Harley. He charged $100 and wanted payment prior to unloading. No problem. I spent the day at Downtown H-D and had some fine conversation with several people including the gentleman who founded the company in 1952 although it was under new ownership now. $800 and a new clutch later, I returned to my daughter's place and spent another night. When I turned in a claim to HOG roadside assistance, I was informed I was supposed to call them first and let them dispatch the tow. They sent a form stamped "Obsolete" however and allowed me to make the claim. I have other options now for roadside assistance and regardless of which I choose should there ever be a "next time" I'll call first to see if they want to choose the towing company from afar or if they'll let me decide...