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Rigs in the Rockies 2022 National Rally July 7 through 10 Hotchkiss Colorado

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Not sure how much help we need but there will be plenty to do on Wednesday so you are more than welcome to show up early, I am sure we can find something to do.


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John McCann

We do not have any motorcycle shops close but there is a place in Montrose, 40 miles, called Vamoose Gear and they are very active in the motorcycle scene in this part of Colorado. They do sell, mount and balance tires so if anyone is in need if tires they are a good choice. There are a couple of us in Hotchkiss with shops at home to work on your rigs if neccesary and to pull the wheels if you do need to get tires. I will also offer up my Xterra for transportation. The next closest places are going to be in Grand Junction, 60 miles. Jeff and Linda are good people and I am hoping they will set up a booth at the rally. They are a mom and pop shop and this is their busy time so we will not know if they will be at the rally until the last minute. They will also be providing some door prizes for us. If you do call them ahead of time for tires make sure you tell them you are part of the sidecar rally. If you would like to have tires, or anything for that matter, shipped out ahead of time you are welcome to have them shipped to my house and I will hold them for you. PM me for my address.



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Butch and Penney Bagley registered to attend.  However, we will not be able to attend. Is there any way to have the t-shirts shipped?

Butch, will make a note to hold back your shirts and mail them to you.


I had a guy , Phil, call me from Delta yesterday and he has a hotdog cart and wanted to know if he could bring it to the rally. My nephew and I rode down to the Tuesday free concert series show in Delta yesterday evening to check out the cart since he sets up there every week. I had a plain old dog with mustard and Logan had a meat ball sandwich, Both met with approval so we will have a hotdog vendor available during the day. Phil is a rider but of the 2 wheel variety.

Two weeks until the rally, it will be here before we know it.



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They are making good progress with the construction and paving on the main street through town but I will be surprised if they complete it before the rally. I will keep things up to date on access to the fairgrounds if there is anything that will affect us. The town is only 6 blocks long and the construction runs from Cedar Dr to 4th Street. If you are coming in on 92 from Delta then you will see a detour sign that says to businesses, this puts you on Hotchkiss Ave., the road will curve to the left on 3rd Street and there will be a one way sign at the alley that says detour. Turn right down the alley and you will come out in the fairgrounds on Park Ave. If the construction is complete then you will just stay on 92, Bridge Street, and turn right on 4th Street into the fairgrounds.

If you are coming in over McClure Pass from Carbondale on 133 you can just turn left on 4th Street, just past the City Market, in to the fairgrounds.

If you are coming in on 92 from Gunnison then you will turn left on Doc Maloney Way. Be advised that 92 from Gunnison is a very twisty road, great for motorcycles and sports cars but not so much fun in a big RV.


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Construction has been completed on the South side of the street and is commencing on the North side. I really doubt that they will be done by rally time so that means 92 form Hotchkiss to Gunnison will be open, this is a great sidecar ride even if you just go up to the Dam toilet and hang out for the scenery and come back. One of the best sidecar roads up here. This also removes the detours t the fairgrounds so it van be accessed from Bridge street going either direction.


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Thane LewisFlyinMonkeys

I have a rally schedule to post up. This is subject to change at any time but this should be fairly accurate.

Rigs in the Rockies 2

2022 USCA National Rally Schedule

NOTE: Schedule subject to change, see posted daily schedule on site,

Maps will be available on site for rides


7:00 AM Refreshment Area Opens

8:00 AM Registration Opens

ALL DAY Personal Rides, Sidecar Checkers

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on your own

7:00 PM Registration closes


7:00 AM Refreshment / Coffee Bar Opens

Breakfast on your own

8:00 AM Registration Opens

ALL DAY Personal Rides, Sidecar Checkers

11:00 AM Board Meeting, Heritage Hall

NOON: Lunch on your own

3:00 PM Tech Session: Sidecar Alignment with Texas Sidecar Company

5:00 PM Registration closes

5:00 – 7:00 PM Donation Dinner- Chili, compliments of Hotchkiss Elks

7:00 – 9:00 PM Ice Cream Social (Donation)

7:00 – 9:00 PM Live Music


7:00 AM Refreshment / Coffee Bar Opens

8:00 AM Country Breakfast (Donation to support local children’s charities)

8:00 AM Registration Opens

8:00 AM Travis Leeman, Seminar on SkyMed Travel, Evacuation Insurance

ALL DAY Personal Rides, Sidecar Checkers

10:00 AM Sidecar games in the Arena, Seating in the bleachers in the shade

NOON: Lunch on your own

2:00 PM Show and Shine in front of Heritage Hall

4:00 PM Door Prize Closes

4:30 PM Door Prize Winners Posted – Claim your Door Prize ASAP

5:00 PM USCA General Membership Meeting

6:00 – 9:00 PM Rally included Dinner: Chicken with sides

Awards, 50/50 Drawing, Trophies, Special Door Prizes, Announcements, Etc.

7:00 – 9:00 PM Live Music


7-10 AM Refreshment / Coffee Bar Opens

9:00 AM Volunteer to clean Heritage Hall and Park

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John McCann

Ruth and I are definitely interested in visiting the farm



Ruth and I are on our way to Hotchiss. Left Ohio on Monday and camping our way across the country. In Illinois on our way to Missouri. Weather has been great and we have been blessed with some great campgrounds. Having fun! Travel safe everyone 

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