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Rigs in the Rockies 2022 National Rally July 7 through 10 Hotchkiss Colorado

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Thanks Dana, checked it out on google maps, only 27 miles further going Gunnison  - Montrose - Delta - Hotchkiss, rather than Gunnison - Crawford - Hotchkiss. Will be a shorter time wise going via Montrose and Delta if Crawford is clogged up with construction.

Time to get your rally registration in folks, motels rooms are filling up, plenty of tent and RV camping space available so far. 

Had a comment about not finding where to register for the rally...

Here is the link:

Get your registration in today to be assured of getting a rally shirt. Neat cool design on the long sleeve shirt this year. Long sleeve for cool Colorado days.

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Thane Lewis

That link takes you to the Brushfire login page CCJON. This will take you to the rally registration page, click on get tickets:


Thanks for correcting that. 

Registration is on my computer, it must bypass the log in and go straight to where people need to go to register. 

Folks, to get in on the 2022 USCA National Rally in Hotchkiss,  click on the link in DirtyDR's post above.

See you in Colorado in July.




Thane Lewis has reacted to this post.
Thane Lewis

One other note on the registration page, it seems to want a member number even if you check non-member registration. People have just been putting any arbitrary number including single digit and it takes it fine. I have had a few people mention that, not a big deal since it is a non verifiable entry, just be aware of it.



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