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right turns

Yes Jeff that is what I meant, you got it. Like they would teach motorcycle races years ago Straighten out the curve as much as you can for speed it was game years ago.Rudyr

I've gotten into the habit of hanging off slightly when riding the twisties, just in case. Doesn't take much to hang all but my left bun off, putting almost all my 165 lbs on the right foot peg. Makes a real difference at keeping the sidecar down. I do the same thing when turning left as the thought of having the rear cycle tire leave the ground is not a pleasant one. One can "fly" the car with a little practice, but as of yet I've never heard of anyone to can "fly" the rear tire on the cycle. Should that happen, I don't think it would end well.

Now for those left turns I still load the front wheel but uses littel rear brake. With Down shift and some throttel. Now try this on wet grass turn hard to left and a lot for rear brake with a littel speed (that’s drifting) that’s what your rear wheel want’s to do on dry pavement. don’t try that on dry pavement you could flip the whole rig and end up with the gas cap on belle button.Rudyr