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Riding without the sidecar


Hi, can anyone here tell me what kind of handling problem (if any) to expect if I remove my sidecar? I had the dealer install a 5 degree rake on my 06 ultra classic when I bought it new...(reduce the trail for better handling). This will only be temporary, just thinking about riding solo again, and will hook the car back after a couple weeks.

Anyone here ever do it?

Tried it with 07 Eglide quite scary was a fight to go 500 feet would advise 2nd HD

Duck, welcome to the world of off-center riders.

On the advice of experienced others, I have not tried to remove the sidecar on a bike that has had the trail altered. Your 5 degree rake change was to lighten the steering effort in sidecar mode. In two wheel mode, the lightened steering will result in twitchy, erratic steering requiring your head to be 100% into the game, 100% of the time. No one handed relaxed cruising, daydreaming.

HD factory engineered the ideal trail for your bike for two wheeling. Now it is changed, it is no longer ideal for two wheeling.

Many have suggested keeping a second bike for two wheeling and leave the sidecar set up as it is.

Enjoy your rig,


Okay, thanks, kinda figured.
... I sold my 03 solo a few years ago. I just never rode it, but get to missing the thing from time to time.

Hey duck, I agree with CCjon. A good used second bike is a blast depending on what feel like and it can be really reasonable if it’s just for riding. Ride Safe

On the Ural it was possible, but strange for 28km.
On the MZ only the square tires were nasty
Using a modified steering head possibly the bike will be extremely tipsy.
Don't kiss the ground.

You will b in trouble with a 5 degree rake. The front end will shake the handle bars out of your hands. I have a 3 1/2 degree rake and I can ride it solo with no problem. That is 61 years of experience with hacks and solo bikes'

When I first consider adding a sidecar to the 2107 RGU I wanted to make sure I could remove it and still ride. I was told not going to happen by many. Then I was shown a 2014 Ultra that had been done and it work well both ways.Owner had some miles racked up on it.

To ease my mind about it I had the front end done ahead of time.   A Harley Trike front end was installed. Along with the Trike Steering dampener. The tree has a different rake the tubes two inches long and stronger springs. In the end bike sat prefect and I rode the heck out of it . The only real difference was the wheel base was 4 inches longer and it felt a bit different but nothing of any real concern.  Once convinced it worked with out the sidecar , went ahead with the project.  It works well. I have put 2,000 miles on the completed project so far  happy with it. So much that I may never remove the sidecar. In that 2,000 miles I have ridden it in town, country , highway cold and rain a lot of rain.  Cruising at highway speeds is great. And just because I had to know ran it a 90 MPH for some distance on less than prefect highway.  This is the bike with the trike front end on it before the sidecar was on. If you know what you are looking at you'll see a minor difference. All of the Stock front end parts are protected and boxed if ever needed.



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My previous rig was a 2011 Ural and I hated the way it handled and the lack of power. I took the side car off and rode it that way until I sold it at which time I put it back on. I never had any problems riding it with the sidecar removed.

Am I to understand that if there is no steering mod to the motorcycle then riding without the sidecar would not be a problem?

I guess the squared off tires may be a bit of an issue.