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Riding With Grandson

Last Thursday my 14 yr old grandson and I took off for a jaunt to Nauvoo, IL from my home at Gowrie, IA. This was the maiden voyage of my new sidecar, a Motorvation Formula attached to my Kawasaki Nomad 1600.

Almost all travel was on secondary roads so I could experience how it handled on curves and around farm equipment. I'm a big man and my grandson weighs in at about 210 lbs. I had to downshift sometimes on long steep hills, but that's what the tranny is for.

Most of the roads had high crowns for runoff. I ordered the hack to include an electrical switch that controls the angle of the rig to compensate for road crown, wind, etc. It really worked well and helped control the effort to keep everything on the road.

Almost every time we stopped for gas or a break, we got favorable comments from folks. I heard that would happen with a hack and it was true. What has been funny is the way bikers on the highway stare. I can almost hear the passenger say, "Now that's what I want!"

We camped out in Nauvoo and found out what I forgot to bring. Matches was just one of the things. Anyway, we made out real well anyway and I learned what not to forget next time.

We got home on Friday night, tired but happy. We traveled a bit over 500 miles in two days. No rain and cool temps. He'll remember this trip with Grandpa,

BiscuitsNGravy - 8/5/2013 12:00 AM
... my 14 yr old grandson and I took off.... We camped out in Nauvoo.... We traveled a bit over 500 miles in two days. No rain and cool temps. He'll remember this trip with Grandpa.

Excellent!! Smile Any pics??

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Great story. What a way to break the rig in. If you come this side of the state again, stop by Cedar Rapids.
Yes the stares and the questions do make the trip a little longer, but sure is fun.

Nice story Biscuitsngravy, my grandson is a little younger , hes 5 now and beenriding with me since he was 2 . We have an 01 Sprtster 883 with a Velorex sidecar . We have been to TN and back on a 6 day 1400 mile round trip and he loves riding. Keep up the good work.

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The first time I took my granddaughter to school in my VTX she became the talk of the school.
Great story, these kinds of things will happen about every where you go, get used to it. They are fun.


Hi Dave:
You have experience what is known in the sport as "Sidecar Delay Syndrome". Get used to it. It usually happens when you are suited up and ready to mount up and ride - and on a warm day when the heat in your jacket builds as the question come like a machine gun.

My grandkids have been known to remind me "Grandpa - we have had a ride in a long time". We have a favorite ice cream place that gives us a place to ride to. It is cheap entertainment and a memory builder. We are blessed to have our 3 grands in town and be involved in their life. We regularly are called on to "kid sit". We love it. Our only problem is that the sidecar is now too small for one kid and grandma. The Motorvation Formula is a great car for multiple small bodies but their bodies aren't so small anymore.

Let me conclude by welcoming you to two fraternities. The Lop-sided riders and the Motorvation community.

Will you be able to make the Monumental Rally in the Black Hills in June? Check the Forum home page for the link to the rally website.