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Riding the great divide (usa)


Now, this is getting interesting. And, there was the guy who did the TAT on his Harley rig last year or the year before to see if he could. Looking forward to reading StrongBad's ride reports and dreaming about enough time away from work to do these adventures!

Extreme 10,

Since you mention having to get a rig first, am assuming you are new to sidecars. If so, get lots of practice in piloting your rig before attempting the CDT with your precious spouse in the sidecar.

DRONE and Trogdor are both very knowledgable and experienced sidecarists. Listen to their advice and comments. Also know that what they might consider easy, for a novice might be a bit more challenging.

Let us know when you start your ride.

I have had quite lot of experience with sidecars in the past, and I mean past 1960.s I have had BMW r69s with a stieb, BSA with Watsonian Monarch Triumph with a Monarch and a couple with boxes on. We. my wife and I, then family and dog, used a bike combi (UK term) as our only transport for years. I would take it off occasionally during summer. I've longed to get back into it again and reading about the CDT has really got my enthusiasm going again. I was considering using a modern quad but have found out that the rules involving quads on the roads are quite complicated. I had considered the quad after all the problems I found trying to get a hack together. The quad would have been off the shelf and much more easily obtained. Certainly a second choice.

I am trying to gather some sort of sponsorship for this ride . in aid of cancer research. Perhaps even getting one of the manufacturers interested. My wife is a twice cancer survivor and still rides with me. We have ridden across the USA ,East to west. and also in reverse. Rod up to Alaska and back. All of this was on a Goldwing trike. Back here in Spain we have the trike and a Yamaha xjr1300. She no longer rides the solo with me. We had a down some time ago where she damaged her knee, but the injury repaired well. Every year we explore the European Alps and the Pyrenees of Spain. All camping.
I've enquired about using triumph but have had a reply that they do not recommend their bikes to be used as hacks! I presume that can be the same with many modern manufacturers as a safety answer.
Incidentally my wife is 80 yrs old. I am 79. but age doesn't count here it's what you feel inside. I am a qualified mountain guide and still active.

Assembling a hack in the UK. It would have to have the sidecar on the right, that's the law., so that is out. Also shipping charges will run into thousands. It would be very difficult here I Spain as there just isn't the interest and no dealer to turn to. So if I am to get this adventure off the ground it has to be done remotely and in the USA. Either purchasing a bike and then having the sidecar fitted or seeking through ebay and this forum for ones that are for sale. I will just have to keep my eye open on the forum. Below is my last ride on the XJR and one of our trike rides.

I don't always go out on the trike. Today I was out on the Yamaha XJR 1300 to explore some forest tracks. It ended with a race against an incoming storm from the north

Posted by Rowland Edwards on Monday, February 15, 2016

Our Sunday ride out. I wish all of our friends could have been with us- but then it would be crowded!

Posted by Rowland Edwards on Monday, February 1, 2016

extreme10, now you've gone and done it. Just looked at your photos, beautiful. Am going to have to retire and move to Spain. Spain is one of the few places in Europe that both my wife and I agree where we could retire.

On finding a rig for the CDT, there are always rigs for sale in the States. Check the online Craigslist for any State and there will be a rig for sale. For example, Today I looked at a 2005 BMW GS rig with only 22,000 miles. It could handle the CDT with no problem, but the Dneper tub might be a problem for your wife. Owner is asking US$12,500.

Most rigs for sale are going to be for around town use or highway cruising. You will have to do a lot of looking to find a dual sport rig.

Let us know if we can help you in any way.

Couple of years ago Jim Hyde did the CDT, I was interested in joining; but was told the route was to narrow (or narrow gates).
Anyone here interested in putting up a small group to make the run?

For those of you that have, or are doing it, have a route you can post?


Khjphoto ... Anyone here interested in putting up a small group to make the run?

What kind of rig are you thinking to ride the CDT on?

There is a difference between the CDT and the CDR. The CDT has sections which include single track and sections where motorized travel is restricted. The CDR is predominately dirt roads with paved sections.

We followed Cannon's tracks:

There is a large discussion on the CDR here: