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Riding pets

We have two labs that ride around the area with us.  Long trips have been with our toy hauler.  However, there are some trips that work best with the MC.

We want to take the labs.  Can any of our members who have 4 legged partners give me some hints on long haul traveling with them?



Have you watched the video Sit, Stay, Ride, the story of America's sidecar dogs? It's not instructional but you might pick up some tips. Petey is my 3rd sidecar sidekick and loves to ride. Archie was the first and he loved to ride. Henry came in the middle and never really made it his favorite thing to do. Thing that I've found over the last 17 years is if your dog wants to be with you (all three did/do) it's easy to introduce them to the sidecar. If they and you discover they love to ride, there isn't a whole lot of training required. Commands/cues when to get in or out but in my experience little else. The sidecar is Petey's secure/safe place when we're on the road and he'll wait patiently if I go in somewhere. When we set up camp, he knows in a flash where "home" is.

Have not seen the video.

The dogs love to ride and are well trained.  In fact, they are service dogs for my wife.  When our older one died we went to get a puppy and there were only two sisters left.  So I had to purchase two.  It was a good thing.  They keep each other company and support each other in their duties.

I know that stopping for them has a learning curve, but just curious what others have run into.  We have gone out them they have been good in the house for 5 hours.

Where would I find the video?

Thanks for the information.

The SSR video would be available through Amazon I would think. One more comment comes to mind although you're probably aware, I carry lots of water and a bowl for Petey when we're on the road, potty and drink stops frequently enough that he doesn't get stressed. And if we're at a club event of some sort, he mostly prefers to stay in the sidecar but if I get him out, we'll find a shady, grassy spot (hopefully) and I put his water dish there. He knows that's his spot then. Sometimes I'll have a chair along for myself and leave it at his spot as well if I wander about a bit. We've done it long enough he knows the routine.


One other suggestion for really good information is a book called “dogs ride” by Timothy and Connie O’Connor. Easy read, good information. We have 2 dogs that ride with us. Take them everywhere and they love it. Suggest Doggles if they ride in the wind. They will protect their eyes. Mostly just enjoy the company!