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Ridiculous....absolutely, utterly ridiculous!



You sound like me. I bought my rig in August over the Internet, drove to Georgia from Ohio, never having any experience with a sidecar before and picked it up. I actually just started riding this year, bought my first bike and then bought the sidecar rig. Rode it around the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel a few times then rode off in a severe downpour rain storm. Then just spent the weekend in Georgia riding backroads before riding back 13 hours straight to Ohio with the wife in the sidecar. Just had to learn on my own, love the "Baptisim by Fire" theory. I have to say I admire your abilities to set a rig up without having any prior experience with them. I would like to do that next now that I have some miles under my belt. Keep us posted, and POST SOME PHOTOS!!!

Hey Blueful;

Uh...huhhh; when the big bites, it bites hard, doesn't it?

I've always been crazy about motorcycles, and have ridden many different bikes over the years.

Every now and then I'd see a sidecar outfit on the road, and it never failed to intrigue when the opportunity came for me to obtain my own, I didn't waste a minute. This was especially true when it appeared that one could attach a sidecar in such a way as to leave the bike itself pretty much that removing the hack in order to use the bike solo is a job requiring but a few minutes. As far as I'm concerned, that pretty much gives me the best of both worlds. I do love the twisties on the Concours, but also thoroughly enjoy 85 mph superslab time as well. I believe the sidecar will enhance both those experiences. The whole idea I can start here and, in four or five hours be a couple of hundred miles away, seeing lots of beautiful country along the way, meeting new folks and experiencing new delights simply appeals to something deep inside me.

For instance....and to second your experience, a year ago July 4th (this past July 4th we rode to eastern Kentucky), my wife and I got up early and I said to her, "Hon? how about we ride to eastern Kentucky (we live in western Kentucky), so I can check out some of the iron furnaces there? We'll spend the night and take our time getting home."

To which she replied, "But do they have a Pancho's Mexican Buffet there?"

Well sir, you've got to know that Pancho's Mexican Buffet is inarguably the absolute best Mexican food to be found in the southwest....and I've long been addicted to it. Shucks, you know how memory works? Well, I can taste, right now, as if it were yesterday, those incredible Chili Rellenos, with that superb cheese sauce, a couple of cheese enchilados, a sour cream enchilado, some tacos and maybe a sopapilla or two with lots of butter and cane syrup/molasses....oh my! my mouth's watering right now! Excuse me a moment please....

Okay, I'm back, halfway dry-mouthed again. Anyhow, we pulled out that morning headed west instead of east, and 488 miles later (according to the GPS) we were in Texarkana, Texas, putting a hurting on some of the finest Pancho's we'd ever had. After that incredible meal, we got a room for the night, parked the bike just outside the door so we could check on it occasionally, and at 11:00 a.m. the next morning we were on hand for the Pancho's opening ceremonies....first in line for the buffet and the ahhhs! and ummmms! and ohhhhs! simply couldn't be held in. People around us looked at us kind of funny, you know? Shortly after noon, filled with succulent Mexican delights, we reversed our route and headed on back home.

So yeah, I know how you feel. Not enough time to get in all the riding I want to do, not by a long shot.

Finally, I will append some photos ASAP....I do want to have the hack looking good though, for I know the company I'm in here.

Thanks for your enthusiastic reply, and I for one would love to hear more about your own moto-adventures. I'm all ears when it comes to bikes, and riding bikes, of whatever stripe.




I think ever hack driver could tell a tale of their first ride. When I bought my Dnepr rig years ago I rode it home with no sidecar experience. After all its only 25 miles to home, what could go wrong. I was feeling like a king until I made that last right turn onto my home street. Not watching how far my third wheel was out there not only did I lift the chair but ran that wheel up and over the curb which really exagerated the lifting chair. I made it around and everything settled down. I pulled over and let my heart settle down. Lucky no witnesses . . . I think.

Hey Grosete;

Yeah, if anyone had seen that little 'incident', I suspect you'd have heard about it....big time! On my part however, I can't recall EVER doing an embarassing thing without someone seeing it, whether I knew it or not.

And yeah, its pretty clear a newly minted sidecar pilot is going to have to take the time to learn a whole new set of skills. I noticed on my first ride how much time the sidecar wheel spent in the ditch or in alarmingly close proximity to mailboxes and culverts.

The thing is, you know before you even get on the bike that wheel is going to go airborne. And so, you get your mindset just right, prepared to the Nth degree for the very moment the wheel begins to fly....and every single thing you've prepared your mind to respond with, goes out the window too. And first thing you know, you're responding to the shock of seeing that thing fly by turning left, and heading right into oncoming traffic (if any traffic should be oncoming), all your good pretensions and plans having evaporated as surely as the early morning due on a hot summer day.

This is one new skill I'm going to practice on, lots. There are too many things happening in traffic that can endanger not only myself but my passenger as take any chances. So its to the Lowe's parking lot (Wal-Mart stays open 24 hours so that bigger, better parking lot is out). Shucks, if there's one close enough, I'm going to take the safety course as well.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I love hearing about sidecar adventures!