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Hey there I live in the middle Ga. area and would like to find someone to ride with for a day or a weekend. I admit I need more experience but what better way to learn, I can ride solo but need more practice with sidecar. Plan on alot of riding this summer. Would appreciate hearing from anyone in this area......thanks Linda

Maybe you would want to conttact the Georgia Sidecar Club..Good group who is active and has a good time.
President: James Allmond ...

V.P.: Eddie George ...

This is from their website:
Georgia Sidecar Club VP, Eddie George organizes a campout on months with 5 Fridays. These are not rallys, and there is no admission fee. Just an informal sidecar gathering. What happens at these campouts depends on the weather, and who shows up. You reserve your own campsite or lodging. This is an open invitation. All sidecarists or solo bikers interested in sidecars are welcome to attend.

The next Middle Friday Campout for the Georgia Sidecar Club will be January 16, 17, 18, 2004. It will be held at Crooked River State Park outside St. Mary, GA. Reservations can be made at (800) 864-7275 outside Atlanta; at (770) 389-7275 inside Atlanta.

thanks for the info Claude, I'll give 'em a holler.