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I'm looking for fellow sidecarist who may be traveling to Bean Blossom for the USAC Rally this summer. I live close to I-75 near Chattanooga, TN. Any of you that may wish to ride as a group and are coming this route may respond by email to me and maybe I can cordinate a schedule/route where we can ride together. Those of you that are north of me can join us on the way along the route. On arrival some may want to campout at Bean Blossom but others may want to stay at a motel. Perhaps the ones wanting a softer nights sleep (motel) can stay at the same motel. I've gotten some very reasonable rate quotes within 20 miles. Those trailering their rigs as well as solo bikes or cars are also welcome (I may be in that number trailering). We won't be setting any land-speed records and will be stopping for gas every couple of hours. HD SIDECAR RON

We Will be looking forward to seeing you both HDRon and Spymaster,solo bikes are welcome too!

I'm planning on heading down from Michigan if I get my rig finished.
I'm close to Grayling...not too far from Spymaster

I'll be goingfrom southern mich. if i get mine together but I will be taking my time on the way down if I go. Been away from long travel on a bike for awhile and this time it is a small bike to boot. should be fun anyway hope I make it. also will have a 6yr. old w/me. Must be gettin old Ha,Ha

If you are looking for cheap, basic accomodation that are CLOSE to Bean Blossom, contact me. I have some rooms blocked at the Covered Bridge. I'm told it is about 1/2 mile form Bean Blossom. the rooms are not fancy but they are reputed to be clean and air condidtioned. Queen bed, TV and wall to wall floors. ;^) One of our guys has checked out the place and given it his OK.

Hi Al
I just got done looking at the website for the Covered Bridge Inn and my wife said it was acceptable to her. I was going to call them and check on availability. How many rooms do you have?

Howdy there Mole, just wondering if there is anymore rooms available? where you are talking about, if so I am interested in a room. thanks for the info. take care......... Steve from Montrose Mich.

Howdy Jeff!!I had run into some medical problems and the doctor is going to let me stat riding on the 17th. I really would like to go to Bean Blossom and I am hoping that you and your daughter can make it.I have my rig almost ready to go. I still have to finish the battery box mounting and the sidecar head-light. I still I do not have a cover for the sidecar YET. I still can not drive yet (medical) and that it is quiet inconvenient.Jeff, have you figured out which roads that you will be traveling? I could meet you some where along the line. (slow roads) I will being in a TENT with my dog I surely hope that the weather cooperates!Bob 6/11/04Spymaster

I'm sorry to say that the rooms at the Covered Bridge Inn are all filled. The place is tiny and the open rooms went right away. I've asked the manager of the motel to suggest some other "value priced" places with this in mind,"Our guys aren’t interested in the resorts, just a clean place to sleep and shower with an air conditioner and a TV."

She replied, "Orchard Hill 812/988-4455 or Hickory Shades 812/988-4694 Orchard Hill is about 1 miles north of Nashville on St. Rd.135. Hickory Shades is about 5 miles out 46 west from Nashville. You can call the visitors center and they can probably give you more infomation Vistors Bureau-1-800-970-0061"

I've had very good experiences with the Visitor's Bureau folks. If there's anything that I can do to help, let me know. I can be reached by phone at 612/759-4666

Howdy Spymaster! well I, and my daughter and possibly my five yr old son will be going down on friday and we plan on leaving early friday and will be staying until saturday afternoon around 3:00pm. ish unless things are going great and maybe stay till sunday afternoon, hopefully the weather will be great. I plan on taking the I-69 route til around the franklin area and then cutting over to the bean blossom area, I would like to ride together but not sure if or when you are leaving? but maybe we will meet at the gathering down there, Hope you have a safe trip and let me know if you want to get together. take care......... Steve from Montrose