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Ride videos from the 2018 USCA National Rally

I will be posting several videos from a couple of rides I took during the national rally in Rising Sun. They are all unedited raw videos.

Here is the first one:

More to be posted shortly as I get them uploaded to You Tube.

Noel Moss (scootsx2)

Thank you Noel,

What were you on? Who was in front of you? What were they on? Looking forward to seeing more.

I was riding my 1975 Honda GL1000-based outfit. It was the old blue naked Goldwing with the silver sidecar at the rally.
The four other folks on the ride were on 3 Urals and an Indian, if I recall correctly. Hal Goodwin was leading the ride. Michael Ensley was also on the ride. I rode sweep. I don't recall the other riders' names.

The attached photo of my rig was taken on the way to the 2015 USCA Joyce Canfield rally in the Flint Hills of Kansas. I was waiting out a heavy thunderstorm at a truck stop.

Attached files

More ride videos. These are all unedited raw videos.