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RIDE THE REALM - October 11-14, 2018 - Possom Kingdom Lake, Texas


Aurora and I will be there, reservations made. How about other New Mexico or Arizona riders

Me and Lorie and joe and Kris will be there george

Ride the Realm is over but not forgotten..The God's were with us,rain gods that is. About 11 teen inches of rain.  Enough clear for a couple of rides.  Games were held on blacktop road. There were rigs from New Mexico,Tenn.,Tex,  Something like 25-30 rigs.  The best food I have ever eaten anywhere.  Pork chops Friday nite and steaks Sat.  Bacon,eggs,biscuits and gravy Fri. Sat. Sun. for breakfast.  I probably put on 5 pounds. Looks like we might have signed up a few new members and got at least 2 old members back after 4 years of problems. Thank s Joe and Cristey.  I didn't get any pictures so I hope some one will post some,also the drone was there covering the games.


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