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Revised Constitution and Bylaws - DRAFT

By now most of you have received a ballot for the current election AND a copy of a DRAFT for revision in the USCA Constitution and bylaws. Unfortunately, a mistake was made and the leading explanatory paragraph was put near the end of the document. We'll have to struggle with that but I'm sure you will all figure it out.

The USCA is 40 years old this year and while there have been MANY changes made over the years it has been a patchwork affair. That lead to some inconsistencies and contradictions that we needed to set straight. Also, it was difficult to find some things based on some strange organization.

The new document is a DRAFT, we are asking for your input to make changes that you feel are important. If you want to compare the new document to the old one, go to this link Click there and you'll see the old/current version. It's a bit hard to follow along because the order of things is changed a bit but with a little diligence, you'll find your way.

Please comment by sending a reply to this thread or follow the instructions in the document. Please note that this is a USCA internal matter and if you make a comment be sure to sign it with your name and membership number. We have 10 times as many registered users on this forum as we do members in the USCA. If you aren't a member of the USCA, you don't have standing on this issue. Of course if you sign up and become a member we'd welcome your input.

Now, this is your club and in the time I've been here this is the most direct appeal for member input that we've ever had. Let's hear from you.

Al Olme
USCA #5910
North Central Region