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Reverse for Triumph T100 plus chair


Hi Guys, this is my first post here.
I am currently fitting a DJP (Australian made) sidecar to my 2001 Triumph Bonneville.
I am aged 70 so I am looking for ideas/ways to make a sidecar reverse.
Naturally I don't have the strength of a young man so pushing for me is out of the question.
I have tried Australian and British sites but no one has come up with an answer,
So I am hoping you guys have tried something that works.

Please remember I am in Australia so I cant just pop down to a local store and purchase something.


Hi Alan, Others have asked this for their bikes in the past. I think you will find that after you install the sidecar the rig will be quite easy to move around. I am 73 and have a BMW K1200LT W/ Hannigan SC and a BMW K1200RS, also with a Hannigan car. Both can be moved fairly easily on level hard surfaces. I rarely use the reverse on my LT unless on a slope. The Triumph rig should be considerably lighter. Cheers to you too. Dave

Hi Dave, thanks for replying mate. I will no doubt soon find out if I can maneuver it by hand, as yet it's still being fitted out etc.
It will interesting to see. Cheers

You should find it fairly easy to back up however you may find that it steers a bit heavy for you. We do make triple tree's to lower the steering effort. These are new from billet and anodized black.
Jay G
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We have been over this. I have served on the board, H
have you, I have donated money to the club, Have you? I have hosted several events including the national rally, have you? I have spent untold hundreds of hours helping with advise for free, Have you? For the sport I also helped develop the S/tep classes and certified in the first ever instructor prep class, are you a certified instructor?
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badbmw - 9/24/2017 8:18 PM

... I think you will find that after you install the sidecar the rig will be quite easy to move around....

Alan, we had a similar size Harley Sportster combination and too fouind the rig quite easy to move around. You quickly pick up the habit of pulling-up or backing-down to park to minimize the having to push the rig backwards up hill.

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Thank you Keith for adding such eloquence to this discussion. Six posts in five years of being a member, and two of them are here in this thread. What a helpful fellow you are! Innocent