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Resizing Photos...

I don't know if this will work for everybody, but this is how I resize my pictures for posting in a forum. is not the only forum that requires photos to be less than 1 MP.  I am using Windows 10 if that might make a difference.

Open your photo folder and select a picture to view.  Double click on it and it should open in a new window.

Right click on the picture being displayed and one of the options is to Resize - left click on it.

It should open a menu for selecting Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), or Custom (C) - left click on S

This will change the pixel size from say 3.5 MP to 600 MP, but the picture will still be very sharp and clear.

Be sure to SAVE the resized picture.

Hope this helps some of the folks that would like to show-off their rides or work.

Later, Bud... 

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 Thanks for the post.  Just an FYI, we recently increased the picture size to 2 MB

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