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Reply box text/font size

Hi folks!

Any chance of an adjustment in the default font/text display size for the 'Reply' and 'New Message' windows?

I set my browser so that forum posts display in 12 pt text, so everything is legible and will still fit in the window of my small monitor. With that setting for Post display the Reply or New Message windows only have about 7-8 pt text size. That's a real challenge to my tortured old peepers and makes replying much more difficult than it ought to be. Even hard to scan for errors in what I wrote. If it wouldn't be a big bother I'd sure appreciate it, thanks!

If you have html set as default (in your settings) and hit reply in the top instead of the reply box you can change the text size, font, and just about any thing you like.Laughing

Thanks, Joyce!

Where I live, hanging off the side of a mountain about 10 miles from the middle of nowhere it's Dial-Up only, 49kbps on a good day. Page transitions are to be avoided whenever possible because they're so brutally slow. Also I prefer as few 'Click here - Click there - Adjust this - Adjust that' motions as possible to accomplish a reply, just something to do with my relative patience factor. Such page transitions on dial-up, plus making adjustments each time and even remembering what worked last time adds up to frustration and angst for a borderline grouch. Per usual I wanted the easy way out.

Obviously I have to click to view a thread, so a page transition there of almost 30 seconds. With Quick Reply window I don't have to transition again to another page: just type in message and click 'Submit'. But text there is almost illegible for Font Size.

For this reply I instead clicked Reply in lower right corner, below Quick Reply window. That transitioned to a new page after another 30 second wait of clicking on thread, and a new window opened that doesn't have any buttons for Text Size or Font Size showing anwhere. Same 7 pt default font size as Quick Reply.

New page window shows Name, Subject, Message window, Emoticons [8 displayed], then below that 'HTML: YES', 'Anonymous: No', 'MBBS Code: Yes'. Also 3 check boxes: 'Include signature', 'Disable HTML' [unchecked], 'Enable Emoticons'. There's a button: 'Use Rich Text Editor', and check box to 'Attach a file after posting'. The text for all those things and the rest of the page is 12 pt to 14 pt, but Reply window text is again about 7 pt, squint only.

If I click again to 'Use Rich Text Editor' it's another 30+ second wait for another page transition. That Reply window finally opens with choices for Font and Text Size. It already displays in 12 pt as it should when it opens and is quite legible. Unfortunately it takes the extra clicks and seemingly long waits twiddling my digits to get there. By that time I forget what I had to say haa! Also Rich Text Editor is balky, cursor moves in rattle & clunk mode, responds slowly and then overshoots the mark when trying to make changes in words etc.

Another little problem with Rich Text Editor: I always Copy the text of replies because there's fairly frequent glitches where message may not post and I have to go back and rewrite, maybe 1 out of 6 or 7 messages. In Rich Text it won't allow me to highlight and click Copy to save before attemping to post. If it's a long post like this one and it glitches: ALL GONE! Only other way to Copy is to use Edit in browser header, click 'Edit', click 'Select All', click 'Edit' again, click 'Copy', then minimize browser and open Word Pad, click 'Edit', click 'Paste', Minimize Word Pad, then come back to Message and click 'Post'. Rather tedious...

Maybe I can save up for a larger monitor after I've saved up for the hack build and for the other many projects. I did that year before last, saved for a new computer and wonderful big new monitor, only to have a power outage 2 weeks later. Subsequent restoration of power with a super-surge in voltage immediately blew all 3 surge suppressors plus the brand new monitor, my whole computer, cordless phone, clocks, coffee maker, lights and everything else plugged in.

Per usual, SoCal Edison Electric refused to pay and me too financially challenged to take them to court. Solution: buy slow used computer and 15" monitor. That's the too long version, sorry. I'll just use Quick Reply like I have in the past.