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renewal possible for international members. not removed from subject by dave

There are 2 points that make it impossible for international members to renew their membership. Both are due to programming issues of the new site.

A) you aught to fill in state (Province in my case.) there is no way to type "a free name"- or just put selecting choice "other international"

B) You aught to fill in telephone number. You are bound to limited USA-telephone standard digits. There is no way to fill in an international code "+xx-yyyy-zzzzzzzzz"

So, how can I renew my membership in USCA? Any hint is greatly appreciated.


You're right.  We have the US and Canada  covered but your situation does not conform to the tool.  Please send an email to  He will provide you with a PayPal account to pay.

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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks Al.

Email sent.

PP sent. Thank you Al and Steve.