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renewal for associate member not adding to total

I just renewed membership online here.

I was able to enter my spouse's name as associate member but it did not add $10.00 to the total checkout.

I went ahead and renewed myself so as to keep the magazine coming but am unable to add my spouse.




I just tried out the form and it worked for me.  Would you please try again and if you get the same result, give me a call.  Maybe it's a browser issue.

Al Olme

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I got an email from Sam (I believe) and was able to register with those directions.



We voted on line.  Only problem was no provision for associate to vote. Good  going otherwise.  First time in a long time to have a name in each spot.  Would be nice to see 2 sometime.

Been a long dry spell.  Been on sick,lame and lazy most of the last year and a half.  Got released long enough to make Idaho. Really looking forward to Mena next year.  Beautiful facalities, the town is super biker friendly. All sort of good riding places.

J.R. Lewis

J.R., it is good to learn you are in better health.  Jane and I voted by paper ballot because I couldn't figure out how we could both vote online.